Zoe Saldana Has Sculpted Abs In ‘Marie Claire’ BTS IG Video

  • Zoe Saldana just shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her Marie Claire UK shoot on Instagram.
  • The actress included some photos of herself wearing crop-tops and cut-out dresses that put her mega-toned abs on full display.
  • Zoe is a former dancer and she takes time to stretch so her body can recover.

Zoe Saldana has once again proven herself as the ultimate strength #GOALS in some behind-the-scenes footage from her latest magazine cover for Marie Claire UK.

Zoe posted a reel of her looks for the cover, and she showed off how incredibly toned she is in the photos. Zoe’s reel, which is fittingly set to “Pose” by Yo Gotti, shows her wearing various outfits, and each one is more stunning than the next.

She starts in a black dress with cut-outs on the sides, then switches to a leather zip-up dress that has the Internet freaking out. Zoe then quickly changes to a crop-top and matching black fringe skirt. The final look is a two-piece leather ‘fit that’s giving total biker girl vibes. And to top it off, the photos put her super strong core on full display.

“Photoshoot bits 📸” Zoe coyly captioned the video, which stirred up a lot of commotion from her followers in the comments.

Obviously, her friends and fans were absolutely floored by the super-strong pics. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!” wrote one person. Another added, “GAWGEOUS DAH’LING!!!!! 🙌🔥❤️😍❤️,” which were my thoughts exactly!

If you’re wondering what Zoe does to stay so strong, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. For starters, Zoe is a former dancer, and she’s definitely still got some moves. She posted some adorable BTS footage of herself in between press events dancing around a hotel hallway, crawling on the floor, running in heels, and doing a truly impressive high kick.

Zoe told Vogue that she had to go through physical training for Avatar: Way of the Water, which included archery, dance, and diving training. The cast actually worked with a diving instructor who has taught Navy Seals. You know, real casual stuff!

“We studied [diving] theory and had to do these breathing exercises so that by the time you’re ready to go and dive, you have enough oxygen in your bloodstream,” she said. “You’re training yourself to let go of the panic when you go underwater and, once you put that into practice, it’s kind of liberating.”

Zoe also takes time to stretch, too, which is important for overall body health and recovery. She dropped a video last year doing some stretches by a BOSU ball, and she even hit the splits.

Well, dang. Keep doing what you’re doing, Zoe!

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