Why Bershan Shaw from ‘Real Housewives’ was in Short Pump

RICHMOND, Va. — Guests came to see Bershan Shaw from “The Real Housewives of New York” during a meet-and-greet at Lilly Pulitzer at Short Pump Town Center this week.

The motivational speaker and wellness coach will be the keynote speaker at VCU Massey Cancer Center’s signature Women and Wellness luncheon. The event in February returns in-person for the first time since 2020.

Shaw is a two-time breast cancer survivor who was first diagnosed in 2007 with Stage 1 breast cancer.

“I felt a lump and immediately just jumped up,” Shaw recalled.

Bershan Shaw

Provided to WTVR

Bershan Shaw

What made her diagnosis even more scary is that Shaw’s own mother had lost her battle with the disease.

“In my 30s. I couldn’t believe it. My mother was 60. I was in my 30s,” Shaw said.

Then, two years later horrible back pain forced Shaw to get a check-up. That is when doctors discovered breast cancer again.

This time, it was Stage 4.

“It was devastating. I was shocked. I was angry,” Shaw said.

Bershan Shaw

Provided to WTVR

Bershan Shaw

But Shaw began to change her mindset and said she practiced positive affirmations 200 times a day.

“I am healthy. I am happy. I’m loving. I’m powerful. I’m strong. And every day, I get better,” Shaw said.

Those words of positivity helped Shaw get through tough rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She even participated in a clinical trial in Maryland, but it ended because of a lack of funding.

“That’s why research and development and fundraising is so important. We must keep these trials alive and save lives,” Shaw said.

The money raised from the Women and Wellness Luncheon will go to funding clinical trials at Massey. Right now, there are 144 trials going on at the cancer center.

On the day of the luncheon, three local women will share the stage with Shaw and share their cancer journey.

The message Shaw will deliver is simple.

“Live your life for today. Live your life for today. I always say I’m living my life until the wheels fall off,” Shaw said.

Shaw is also a CEO tech founder of Urawarrior.com, a mental health app, which officially launches in February.

Click here for more information on the Women and Wellness luncheon Tuesday, Feb. 7 at The Jefferson Hotel.

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