Whales Look To Buy FGHT On Presale As This Move-to-earn Crypto Is Set To Explode In 2023

The crypto community is teeming with enthusiasm as there are many cryptocurrency projects to take advantage of in the coming year. These crypto projects offer exceptional use cases that allure crypto investors and whales to partake in their early-stage presale events.  

One such crypto is FightOut, a new move-to-earn (M2E) fitness platform offering intensive workout programs and earning mechanisms to users. Crypto whales have set their sights on this new M2E platform and are actively buying its tokens, $FGHT, in its ongoing presale event. 

While the crypto whales will not give details on why they are scooping up FGHT tokens, this post provides five reasons why FightOut is sought after by these crypto whales. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.  

FightOut Aims to be a Revolutionary Move-to-Earn Platform in Web 3.0 

Web 3.0 is a fascinating concept considered in the crypto space. The idea of a decentralized internet appeals to every user as they can fully control and monetize their data to business corporations. One feature of web 3.0 is move-to-earn, which rewards users when they engage in simple mobile exercises like jogging and running.  

However, the M2E space needs more than just mobility, which is quite limiting to users who want to have a change of lifestyle. Consequently, FightOut aims to become the future of move-to-earn by providing better fitness workouts and routines for its users.  

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FightOut Builds Personalized Workout Routines Based on Your Preference 

FightOut ensures you become fighting fit by providing every equipment and workout program required to develop and maintain a high baseline of strength, cardio, wellness, mental resilience, and muscular endurance.  

Thus, you can set your goals, fitness background, location, desired workout types, time available, nutrition, and sleep. These metrics are needed so FightOut can effectively track your lifestyle and provide beneficial workout routines. 

FightOut will provide quality instructional videos led by in-house head coaches and personal trainers. They will also provide you with advanced workout tips and how to avoid injuries in a workout routine.  

FightOut Makes Workout Routines Fun and Motivating for You 

As you participate in and complete workout programs and routines, FightOut rewards you with fitness badges. Also, the fitness platform provides a community of users where you can share your challenge completions, badges, and physical achievements for peer recognition. 

Further, FightOut will create leaderboards where you can compete with other FightOut users. This feature will motivate you to check other users’ profiles and complete your workout goals. FightOut will feature on-demand workout classes and live sessions, which you can attend remotely or at nearby FightOut gyms. These workouts will include mobility, yoga, meditation, and boxing, which you’d enjoy as you interact with the fitness coaches in real-time.  

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FightOut Features Unique Reward Mechanisms 

FightOut seeks to stand out and aims to be the future of the move-to-earn space, so its reward programs motivate you to begin and adhere strictly to new routines and earn amazing rewards. As you participate in various fitness challenges and consume in-app content, you earn $REPS.  

$REPS is an in-app currency you earn as you carry out wholesome workout activities on the FightOut platform. The amount of $REPS you earn will be determined based on the specific workout activity, difficulty, duration of the workout, and your location, either remotely or at a FightOut gym. 

Unlike early adopters of Move-To-Earn, FightOut does not focus on a single metric. Instead, FightOut utilizes a broader range of movements, from bodyweight exercises and class participation to machine exercises, to reward you on its platform.  

As you earn $REPS, you can exchange them for items in the FightOut store. The store will feature items supporting your workout lifestyle, including training equipment, fitness apparel, and supplements.  

Also, you can exchange $REPS for discounts on your monthly membership or remote consultation with fight coaches. You can also enjoy access to products available at the FightOut health bar and co-working space.  

FightOut’s Excellent Tokenomics and Presale Event 

FightOut features its metaverse, where you create a soul-bound avatar to engage and interact with other users. Your avatar lets you show off your personality and workout achievements for others to see at the FightOut gym. 

Also, you can engage your avatar in the FightOut metaverse, where you can compete with other avatars to win fantastic prizes. FightOut utilizes its primary utility token, $FGHT, in the metaverse. So, you can make purchases and earn rewards via FGHT tokens.  

In addition, since $REPS is used in making in-app purchases, you can buy $REPS using fiat or $FGHT tokens. However, you are given 25% additional REPS when you purchase REPS with FGHT tokens.  

The total supply of FGHT is 10 billion, and about 60% is allocated to its presale, thereby offering you a chance to purchase FGHT at a low price. To further incentivize you and other investors, you can earn up to 50% additional FGHT tokens as a reward. This reward depends on the FGHT purchased and the length of the vesting period you opt for when buying FGHT tokens.  

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Final Thoughts 

Undoubtedly, crypto whales are market movers. By setting their investment sights on FightOut, this crypto platform is set to explode in 2023. The five compelling reasons discussed in this piece explain why crypto whales actively buy FGHT in its ongoing presale. Hence, it is vital to consider them so you can also be in line for future gains on the FightOut platform.  

If you wish to make proper lifestyle choices or seek new crypto investments, now is the perfect opportunity to get involved with this fascinating M2E platform to enjoy impressive gains in 2023. Join the rank of investors actively purchasing FightOut tokens, and you will certainly not regret it.