WATCH: Bodybuilding Frenemies Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler Sharing a Perfect Bromance Moment in a Resurfaced Video

Legendary bodybuilders, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler once complimented each other on stage. Their bromance gave the world pure goals in terms of healthy competition. Coleman is an 8x Mr. Olympia title winner in addition to other accolades and is regarded as one of the strongest bodybuilders. On the other hand, 4x winner, Cutler was the one who dethroned Coleman from Mr. Olympia. Moreover, their gestures in one of Mr. Olympia’s events turned out to be an iconic moment.

The YouTube video of the significant duo gave us a glimpse of the historical instance.


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The Iconic moment in bodybuilding

In a resurfaced video on Youtube, Coleman and the quad-stomp poser were performing on the Mr. Olympia stage. Moments after their presentation, Cutler complimented the former’s shredded legs by patting on it. Similarly, a flattered Coleman went down the same road and admired Cutler’s legs. 

The athletes set a mark in the competitive bodybuilding industry with their supportive gestures. This was imprinted as one of the historical moments in the sport, and many look up to this as an ideal example. 


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21 days ago

The 1998-2005 champion was finally defeated by Cutler himself in the 2006 Mr. Olympia competitions. Reportedly, Coleman is bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but yet the latter is claimed to be stronger. However, it was pretty shocking when he was defeated by the 260-lbs athlete. Yet, Cutler made a shocking confession about his big win in 2006. Wonder what that was?

When Cutler denied to accept his own win

Despite such epic moments, Cutler and Coleman engaged in a rather bittersweet bond with occasions of friendship along with a twist of rivalry. The Indiana native went on to be the successor of the reigning champion, Coleman in 2006. Although Cutler credited himself with the win, but surprisingly denied the fact that he had actually defeated the legend.

As part of the Coleman documentary The King, Cutler revealed in his bit of feature, I didn’t beat the best Ronnie Coleman ever…I was just better that day”. The humbling remark of the 4x champion was significant and he is well-appreciated for his down-to-earth persona.


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The legendary duo’s fascinating friendship with intentional bouts of rivalry is a majorly debated topic. Although, the professionals are well-aware of their potential and share a mutual respect for each other.


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