Valley residents getting in shape for the new year

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 2022 is almost over and many Americans will be making a new year’s resolution to get in shape.

The good news is there’s plenty of options throughout the valley. 13 Action News anchor Tricia Kean spoke with locals who are encouraging others to get moving.

“Put your shoes on and just go for a run,” says local runner, Hayim Mizachi.


Like many valley residents, Hayim, was forced to find new ways to stay in shape when gyms closed during the pandemic.

“I just started running and I just found a new workout that I loved,” says Hayim.

Even with local gyms back open, Hayim still enjoys his at home workouts.

“There’s so many videos out there that you can just do floor routines, use your own body weight for the exercises that you need to do,” says Hayim.

When it comes to sticking to an exercise program, the New England Journal of Medicine says: Make it personal. Just like Hayim, identify what works for you.

Then make it fit. Be intentional in scheduling time for your workouts.

“You can’t fake it. You can’t buy a magical bottle of anything. You have to come here. You have to put in the work,” says local gym goer, Ryann.

We spoke with Ryann and Allie, who say joining their local gym helps them stay disciplined.


“Like having a routine every single day that I can follow that makes me feel good,” says gym goer, Allie.

“It’s the atmosphere that matters. It’s being around like minded people that are going after the same goal as you,” says Ryann.

Be sure to also set goals. Decide how long you’ll workout and every few weeks, extend your sessions.

And chart your progress. Keep a written record of your accomplishments.

Finally, reward your efforts. It’s important to celebrate long and short-term goals.

If you decide to join a gym, January is a great time to find deals.

“Right now we have a $15 membership, $15 and you get access to all seven of our locations, all of our group fitness classes, the pools, the weights. So no matter what it is that you’re looking to accomplish, we’re trying to meet you there at a great price,” says Emily Hamill with Las Vegas Athletic Club.

LVAC expects to see a lot of new comers in the new year and says they have a plan for everyone.

“The wonderful thing about our memberships is they’re very flexible. So if you want month to month, that’s fabulous. If you want to do something longer term, we have that as well,” says Hamill.

There’s no shortage of gym options in the valley. EOS Fitness says they’re members can join starting at just $10 a month. And 24 Hour Fitness says they personalize their offers to meet the specific needs of each member.

There’s also plenty of small specialty gyms like Fit Club LV, CrossFit Raw Appeal and Camp Rhino just to name a few.

“We have CrossFit and we have boot camp. Don’t be scared by those names. We scale it down for absolutely anybody who is exercising,” says Julie Johnston with Camp Rhino.

She has three valley locations and even offers a specially-made program for kids.

“We have a Ninja Warrior program for as little as five years old. So you can be a Ninja Warrior kid and Ninja Warrior adult. You could do CrossFit. You could do boot camp. We don’t like to be bored at any fitness level. We’ve had someone in a wheelchair come and get a workout,” says Johnston.


The locals we spoke with agree. Find something that works for you and gets your heart pumping.

“It will be intimidating at first, of course. But like I said, you look around, there are so many different kinds of people that are here,” says Ryann.

“I didn’t want to be here two months ago and I’m here and I still showed up. I still did it. And now I feel more comfortable,” says Allie.

“I was one of those people not long ago. No exercise routine. Couldn’t control what was going in my mouth. I know that mentally it creates this enormous burden. What I would say to them is just start small,” says Hayim.