Unique Roasting Method Creates Smoother Coffee that is Good For You

Puroast’s Patent-Pending Roasting Process Converts Acids Formed During Roasting of Coffee Beans into Beneficial Antioxidants

HIGH POINT, NC / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2023 / Puroast Coffee Company Inc.has found through chemical analyses of coffee beans taken at various stages of its proprietary roasting process a period during which harsh tasting acids in coffee are converted into highly beneficial antioxidants.

“We isolated samples from key stages of our roasting, and tested their chemistry,” said Julio Mancera, director of product testing at Puroast Coffee. “We were able to track acid reduction using pH measurements. This is a significant discovery in understanding how the proprietary Puroast roasting technique converts acids into antioxidants.”

For the more than 20% of Americans that suffer from acid-causing discomfort or ailments like heartburn, acid reflux and other stomach issues, Puroast’s breakthrough roasting process is a solution offering all-natural, smooth tasting coffee. Unlike nearly all coffee roasters that mass produce roasted coffee using a convection heating process, Puroast crafts its beans using a modernized version of a traditional conduction heat transfer roasting method.

“Our study of roasting mechanics gives us insights into a critical part of the process that we are calling the ‘Puroast Goldilocks Zone.’ We’ve isolated an important part of the roast where acids are reduced and antioxidant levels are increased,” said Kerry Sachs, CEO of Puroast Coffee. “Our findings confirm the UC Davis studies that certified Puroast’s unique process lowers acid levels and enriches antioxidants in coffee.”

At the University of California, Davis Dr. Taka Shibamoto conducted landmark research that found the Puroast roasting method both significantly reduced acid levels by an average of 70% compared to other coffee brands (Food Chemistry, 106 217-221), and increased antioxidant levels by seven times compared to green tea, and by more than five times compared to other brands of coffee (Agricultural Food Chemistry, JCA10.0.1465).

According to Shibamoto’s published research, and more recent studies from North Carolina A&T, the pH level of Puroast Coffee is on average 5.8, confirming its 70% lower acid compared to all brands tested. The higher the pH, the lower the acid level in coffee. Puroast achieves this remarkable low acid entirely through its roasting method. “Not only is the overall acid level 70% lower, but a key acid group responsible for bitterness, CQA compounds, are also reduced,” Sachs further states. “So Puroast has both the wellness of low acid and high antioxidants, and excellent flavor from its smooth, less bitter taste.”

Many brands make low acid claims, but none have published independent data on pH levels, or reveal if they are lowering acid levels by adding chemicals or adjuncts to their coffee. Without this information, consumers cannot be sure what is in their cup. With Puroast Coffee they know they are getting a 100% pure, low acid and high antioxidant coffee.

Dr. Shibamoto concurs that the published findings prove Puroast’s method enables certain acid groups to transform into phenolic compounds, which are very strong antioxidants. Dr. Shibamoto concludes, “I am unaware of any other coffee that has these properties strictly from their roast methods.”

Puroast Coffee is available through the company’s online puroast.com store; via Amazon; found at leading retailers, including Kroger, Publix, Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Market Basket and Natural Grocer; and at its pilot Puroast coffeehouse in Miami, Florida.

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Puroast Coffee Company Inc. was founded after a visit to a coffee plantation in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. The quest for coffee developed into a business, one focused on coffee that has exquisite flavor, proven lower acid and higher antioxidants. Puroast Coffee can be ordered through the company’s online store; via Amazon; at leading retailers, including Kroger, Publix, Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Market Basket and Natural Grocer; and at the Puroast Coffeehouse in Miami. Learn more about “The Best Coffee in the World, For the World” at https://puroast.com/discover-wellness/.

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