TikTok turns Dosey pill purses and wellness wallets used for medication and vitamins into craze

It started with chest pain. Unrelenting chest pain.

At first, Honor Elliott dismissed it, assuming it was nothing to worry about.

She was a woman in her 30s, fit and healthy.

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She told herself she wasn’t a prime candidate for a serious health issue – until she was.

“I was just feeling really rough and it was building and building over a few months,” said Elliott, a former Triple M radio newsreader.

“Then they finally did an ultrasound and they found my gallbladder was just chock-a-block full of stones. The next day, they just whipped it out.”

Honor Elliott created Dosey so she could have a stylish yet practical bag for organising pills. Credit: Supplied

But the surgery was far from the end of the issue.

What followed was a lifetime of health management, including the need to take pills to help her digest her food every time she ate.

“It’s a bit of a situation where, to help your system out, you need to take pills when you eat,” Elliott said.

“I was travelling a lot, and I just found that there was nothing nice to put my pills in.

“And I just couldn’t understand why I had to put them into those cheap plastic boxes that we’ve all seen.”

So she decided to find a solution, designing a stylish yet practical bag for organising pills and vitamins, that could also be used for travel.

The Dosey mini case. Credit: Sevak Babakhani

The stunning line of “pill purses” and “wellness wallets” comes in sophisticated colour palettes of black, pale pink and mint green.

Fashioned from vegan leather, they have become a global hit.

The ‘pill purses’ come in sophisticated colour palettes of black, pale pink and mint green. Credit: Supplied

The purses look like any other fashion accessory.

It’s only when they’re unfolded that the user is able to reveal a compact, organised multi-compartment storage system for pills, vitamins, powders and supplements.

Dosey launched in 2021 and was greeted with an initial following.

But “crazy” success happened when Elliott began posting TikTok videos, in January 2022, about how she used Dosey – and it’s now a “million dollar” business.

Elliott’s online videos sparked a huge reaction. Credit: TikTok

“One of the videos that I did explaining why I created the bag just blew up. It went to half a million people. It was just nuts,” Elliott said.

That video helped Dosey break into the US market and soon Elliott found she had a significant number of American buyers purchasing from the Australian site.

So much so, that in March 2022, she decided to open a warehouse in the US to ship the American orders.

The Dosey mini case. Credit: SEVAK BABAKHANI/Sevak Babakhani

Dosey is now so successful, Elliott no longer works in her former career as a journalist and focuses on the business full time.

“It’s quite the rollercoaster. It’s never ending. You have such highs, but then you have such lows,” she said.

And, of course, she has to juggle the rigmarole with her own health issues, managing her gut health through mindful eating and medication.

“I just have to be very careful with what I eat. I have a very sensitive stomach, always have, always will, and that’s just something I have to manage,” she said.

However, Dosey has been the silver lining to her health frustrations.

“The highs have been just amazing,” she said.

“Every time I get a review from someone saying ‘I love it and it’s helped me so much’, that just means everything’.”

To explore the beautiful range of Dosey purses and wallets visit au.doseystore.com

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