These symptoms are seen before heart attack, know from the doctor the cause of heart diseases and methods of prevention


Sudden severe chest pain can be a symptom of a heart attack.
Heart disease can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

How To Recognize Heart Disease: Cases of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases are increasing rapidly. Young people are also losing their lives due to heart diseases. Earlier it was believed that the elderly or adults are most at risk of these diseases, but now young people are increasingly falling prey to it. There is also a big thing that most people do not recognize the early symptoms of heart attack, cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular diseases. When their condition suddenly worsens then these diseases can be identified. Today we will tell you what kind of symptoms are seen in the beginning when there is a heart attack, cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular diseases. Also you will know how to avoid them.

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Know the symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest
of New Delhi Dr. Vanita Arora, Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital According to this, after severe chest pain, if the pain reaches to the shoulder or jaw, then it is a big sign of heart attack. Heaviness in chest, difficulty in breathing, sudden sweating are the main symptoms of heart attack. If these symptoms appear, a doctor should be contacted immediately. In Sudden Cardiac Arrest (CDA), the heart suddenly stops working and goes into a stand still position. A cardiac arrest can cause a person to collapse immediately, have difficulty speaking, and stop the pulse, heart beat, or breathing. On seeing such symptoms, CPR should be given immediately and the patient should be admitted to the nearest hospital. Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and there are no previous symptoms.

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These are the symptoms of cardiovascular disease in youth
Dr. Vanita Arora says that in today’s era, even young people are at high risk of heart disease. Do not be careless at any age. In young people with cardiovascular disease, symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, heaviness in the chest, sweating, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, energy loss or fainting are seen. If you get such signs, you should contact a cardiologist and get your checkup done. Also, before joining the gym, one should consult a cardiologist.

Major causes of heart disease and methods of prevention
According to cardiologists, there are some factors including smoking, alcohol, stress, bad eating habits, lack of physical activity, poor sleep time, due to which youth are increasingly vulnerable to heart attack and other serious diseases. Huh. To avoid this, they have to completely distance themselves from smoking and alcohol. One has to adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage stress in a better way. Apart from this, at least 4 kilometers should be walked every day. It is very important to do physical activity every day.

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