The Best Human in New England May Be a Teen from Lynnfield, Mass

‘Tis the Season

There’s no denying, this time of year is stressful as hell. Between the weather changing and getting colder, which causes stress driving and trying to keep your home warm, and trying to make the holidays special for family and friends — blood pressure tends to hit an all-time high.

But this time of year is truly magical, too. Not just because of Santa, menorahs and unity cups, but because it’s when we see peoples’ souls the purest throughout the year.

And one teenage soul outside of Boston is shining bright like a diamond with selflessness.

CBS Boston via YouTube

CBS Boston via YouTube

Connor’s Kindness Project

If there’s any silver lining from the pandemic a couple of years back, it’s that we not only saw local businesses get crafty with how to stay open and serve the public, but we also saw a lot of good in the region, country, and world.

According to CBS Boston, now-teenager Connor Wright founded his own nonprofit, Connor’s Kindness Project, during the pandemic was he was just 12 years old. It started with a simple thought — wanting to help peers in his community that were sick or isolated with Covid.

The desire to help turned into a nana and grandson project that started off creating those Covid Care Packages for his peers, and grew into making care packages for healthcare workers at Boston hospitals and collaborating with other local nonprofits, too.

CBS Boston via YouTube

CBS Boston via YouTube

Fast forward to 2022, and not only is Connor still at it with his Kindness Project, but his little Covid Care Package bags have turned into larger kits filled with items that kids love like slime and Play-Doh, as well as toys and other trendy items.

According to the official Connor’s Kindness Project website, Connor’s goal for 2023 is to send out 2,500 kits spread all throughout five New England states. You can help Connor by purchasing kit items and ship them out to:

Connor’s Kindness Project

1 Perkins Lane

Lynnfield, MA 01940


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