SARMS Before And After – Real Results Of Users With Popular SARMs Cycles In 2023

Since the turn of the century, the bodybuilding business has used SARMs effectively. They provide outcomes akin to anabolic steroids.

SARMs are less likely than steroids to have adverse side effects. Also, there are less legal difficulties.

Here are 4 popular fat loss and muscle building SARMS:

1.    TESTOL 140

2.    LGD 4033

3.    Ibutamoren

4.    Cardarine 

What Can Users Anticipate from SARMs Cycles?

When it comes to intensive workouts, gaining muscle, or pursuing fitness objectives, people are constantly searching for that additional edge to help people accomplish their goals.

Whether it is a new exercise regimen, diet, or supplement, people are always looking for anything that will assist them in achieving their objectives. SARMs are have grown in popularity in recent years for this reason.

SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a performance-enhancing products that have shown efficacy in muscle growth and fat removal.

Animal studies have shown the safety and effectiveness of SARMs. SARMs may help you reach your fitness objectives when taken in combination with a good diet and exercise regimen. Here are a few of the outcomes associated with the use of SARMs:

Improved Strength and Muscle Growth: When combined with a resistance regimen, SARMs have been found to improve muscle growth and strength.

Decreased Body Fat: lower body fat when combined with a low-calorie diet.

SARMs have been proven to increase bone density, hence reducing the risk of injuries and fractures.

Improved Recovery: reduce the time required to recover from exercise, allowing you to exercise more often and get greater results.

What are SARMS?

SARMs are often used by athletes and bodybuilders to grow muscle mass and bulk up. They function by binding to the body’s androgen receptors. This contributes to an increase in testosterone production, which may lead to greater muscle growth and strength.

SARMs are not unlawful and are easily accessible online.

The adverse effects of SARMs are acne, hair loss, and an increase in aggression. But, these negative effects are often moderate and typically disappear after the medication is discontinued.

Initially, SARMs were designed to treat illnesses, including muscular wasting and osteoporosis. SARMs are now being studied for a number of possible medicinal applications, such as the treatment of certain disorders and low testosterone levels.

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other kinds of neurological impairment are treatable using SARMs. As studies into the medicinal uses of SARMs proceeds, it is anticipated that these medications will play a greater role in the medical profession.

Overall, SARMs are popularly used by bodybuilders and athletes seeking rapid gains in muscle building and fat loss.

Benefits of SARMs

The following are some of the most typical advantages of taking SARMs:

●    It leads to a significant rise in muscle mass.

●    It contributes to enhanced athletic performance.

●    It provides quick fat removal.

●    It provides enormous advantages regarding strength and stamina.

●    Compared to anabolic steroids, they have no health-damaging side effects.

What Can We Anticipate from SARMs Cycles?

In general, the SARMs outcomes you may anticipate will vary based on a variety of elements, including as your genetics, diet, nutrition, body’s reaction, training regimen, and many more. However, one cycle of SARMs often results in users gaining approximately 15 lbs of muscle and losing an equivalent amount of fat.

These outcomes will differ from one person to another based on the following variables:

●    Good Protein Intake

●    SARMs doses for Strength and Weightlifting Training Knowledge

●    Personalized Genetics

●    Diet and Nutrition

●    Routine and Frequency of Exercise

In spite of these considerations, the typical outcome of a 12-week SARM cycle is a muscle gain of 10 to 15 pounds, which is comparable to a modest dosage of anabolic steroids. In the last section of this essay, we will explore the before and after effects of various SARMs on their users.

1. Testol 140

What is Testol (Testosterone) 140?

By attaching to the androgen receptor, TESTOL 140 is a SARM that mimics the properties and benefits of anabolic steroids. It is designed to offer people suffering from osteoporosis, cachexia, and anemia a more appropriate therapy. Although anabolic steroids provide huge increases in lean muscle mass, they also cause detrimental hepatic, cardiovascular, estrogenic, androgenic adverse effects. TESTOL 140 was developed to imitate the muscle-building and strength-enhancing properties of steroids, but without their negative side effects, using a tissue-selective method.

2. Ligandrol (LGD 4033)

What is Ligandrol (LGD 4033)?

Ligandrol is a strong SARM often used for bulking by weightlifters owing to its beneficial effects on muscular strength and hypertrophy. LGD 4033 has the ability to effectively treat cachexia owing to its anabolic properties and tissue selectivity. It interacts with the androgen receptor similarly to TESTOL 140. However, it is a weaker agonist in the prostate. LGD 4033 is a potent SARM that assists users in gaining muscle mass, particularly for bulking. Numerous Ligandrol users have effectively grown 15 to 20 pounds of wet muscle mass, making this SARM a likely choice for bulking among bodybuilders.

3. Ibutamoren

What is Ibutamoren (MK- 677)?

MK 677, sometimes referred to as ibutamoren, is a favorite among bodybuilders and bulk gainers. It is a non-peptide spiro piperidine, and it stimulates the release of growth hormone, resulting in increased insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) levels. It replicates the behavior of ghrelin, the hunger hormone produced mostly by the stomach. It also interacts with ghrelin receptors, resulting in an increase in growth hormone levels. This SARM has a strong agonistic effect on the ghrelin receptor, which is quite close to the genuine features of ghrelin. As this hormone circulates through the circulation and sends messages to the brain to suppress appetite, it also heightens hunger sensations owing to an increase in the concentration of harmful hormones such as cortisol.

Normally, ibutamoren is used for its capacity to develop lean muscle mass and prevent muscle atrophy. In addition, its ability to enhance the effectiveness of the growth hormone is obvious. In addition to enhancing bone strength and sleep quality, MK 677 has nootropic and anti-aging properties. It is an excellent option for those who are attempting to gain bulk.

4. Cardarine (GW 50156)

What is Cardarine (GW 50156)?

Cardarine, GW 50156, is a substance often considered a SARM. Cardarine and Endurobol are agonists for the PRAR (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor). Initially, this chemical was designed to treat metabolic and cardiovascular illnesses. Later, it was discovered that it has the ability to increase performance and improve the body’s capacity and endurance. Cardarine not only improves endurance but also cardiovascular health in general. In addition, it expedites fat reduction and enhances your ability to perform expertly throughout strength training sessions.

Bulking SARMS: Before and After Results

Learn about the most effective SARMs for bulking if your goal is to build lean muscle mass. The most often used SARMs for bulking are TESTOL 140, LGD-4033, MK-677, and Cardarine. They may be used individually or in tandem for even faster results. Here’s how these potent SARMs may help people bulk up quickly:

1. TESTOL 140, sometimes known as Testolone, is amongst the most effective SARMs currently available. There is evidence that it increases lean muscle growth and strength while decreasing body fat. It is good for individuals who want to gain mass rapidly.

2. LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol, is a potent SARM that has been demonstrated to improve muscle strength and lean mass while decreasing body fat. Like TESTOL 140, LGD-4033 is perfect for people who want to gain mass rapidly.

3. Ibutamoren, or MK677, has been found to improve muscular build and strength while decreasing body fat. Ibutamoren MK677, unlike LGD-4033 and TESTOL 140, may be taken alone or in combination with the other SARMs for enhanced effects.

4. Cardarine helps your body use fat for fuel instead of carbs, allowing you to burn more fat and gain more muscle without dieting or exercising more than normal. Additionally, it may preserve muscular tissue and enhance your training regimen.

Cardarine is the SARM to use if you are searching for a strategy to shed fat rapidly while preserving lean muscle mass.

Before and After


TESTOL 140, also known as Testolone, is a very potent SARM that is often taken by bodybuilders and athletes to help them bulk up and gain strength.

TESTOL 140 has been demonstrated to effectively improve bone density and muscle mass, as well as testosterone levels.

The suggested daily dosage of TESTOL 140 is between 20mg and 30 mg for 8-12 weeks.

Users may acquire anywhere between 5 and 15 pounds of muscle mass, with the majority acquiring 10 to 12 pounds.

TESTOL 140 is the favorite SARM among athletes and bodybuilders since it is very safe and has little adverse effects. us TESTOL 140 for quick muscle growth without suppression of testosterone.

Customer Testimonial

“One of the most effective RAD 140 SARM supplements is TESTOL 140 from Crazy Bulk. Although I’ve been working out for quite some time and have tried a lot of other things, this is the first one that has really helped me see results rapidly. After only a few weeks of use, I saw a significant increase in my muscular mass. Besides being able to lift more weight, my body composition has improved, and I have more energy to devote to my exercises. If you want to bulk up rapidly, TESTOL 140 is what you need.” K.M. Ken, O.R.

LGD 4033 

LGD-4033, commonly known as Ligandrol, has gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes due to its potential to enhance muscle growth and strength with few adverse effects.

Ligandrol is believed to exert its effects via attaching to androgen receptors, causing a boost in levels of testosterone and muscle development.

Ligandrol, unlike other testosterone boosters, is not a hormone and it does not need post-cycle treatment (PCT) after usage.

A normal Ligandrol cycle lasts eight weeks, in which consumers take 10-20 mg each day. Some users choose a twelve-week cycle.

Ligandrol produces benefits within the initial weeks of usage, with most users adding 5 to 10 lbs of muscle growth over the duration of a cycle.

In addition to an increase in muscle growth, Ligandrol users report an increase in energy, a reduction in weariness, and enhanced pumps during exercises.

Therefore, Ligandrol is a safe and effective method of increasing muscle growth and strength, with little adverse effects.

Customer Testimonials

“It’s been well over a year since I started using LGD 4033. I am a smart cyclist, and my results are undeniable.” R. Austin, T.O.


Ibutamoren, popularly called as MK-677 , is a growth hormone and muscle-building with exceptional lean muscle mass outcomes. It is sometimes called a growth hormone secretagogue.

Ibutamoren increases the body’s IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. Ibutamoren may help increase muscle and lean mass by raising the amounts of hormones important for muscular growth.

Research shows that Ibutamoren may increase muscle growth and strength and enhance workout recovery.

The suggested dosage of Ibutamoren is between 25 mg and 50 mg each day, and it should be used for eight to twelve weeks to get optimal benefits.

Users of Ibutamoren report acquiring 5 to 10 pounds of mass on average.

Furthermore, along with its muscle-building properties, Ibutamoren also boosts levels of Growth Hormone, which may result in higher fat loss and enhanced vascularity.

Customer Testimonials

“I have used crazy bulk for 2 months now and the progress is great! I’ve been using Ibutamoren. My bench press has gone from 225 to 260 and my body fat has gone from 16% to 12%. It’s been such an amazing product I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is trying to get that beach body they have always dreamed of!” Daniel, Texas

Cardarine GW501516

Cardarine GW501516 has shown exceptional fat reduction and muscle-building effects.

According to research, athletes using Cardarine GW501516 for two months shed five pounds of fat and gained three pounds of muscle. In a separate trial, bodybuilders using Cardarine GW501516 for three months had muscle gain of seven pounds and fat loss or lost four pounds.

Considering that these patients did not exercise more intensely than normal throughout the tests, the findings are even more astounding.

Customer Testimonials

“Using Cardarine GW501516 had good results, and I couldn’t be happier with them. This pill was vital in helping me reach my aim of rapid fat loss during a cutting SARMS cycle. It seems to boost my energy levels and facilitate my fat-burning efforts. The greatest thing was that I had none of the reported adverse effects from using this supplement. To sum up, if you’re seeking an excellent fat-burning pill, I’d strongly suggest you try Cardarine GW501516.” – Ollie T. from New Jersey

Results – SARMs vs Anabolic Steroids

It is no news that several sportsmen and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to obtain a competitive advantage. However, there are hazards associated with using anabolic steroids.

In addition to producing severe health issues, they are also prohibited by the majority of professional sports organizations. As a consequence, several athletes are switching to different kinds of SARMs that improve performance.

SARMs are comparable to anabolic steroids in their potential to enhance strength and muscle growth, but they are far safer and do not have the same hazards. Currently, no major sports organization has outlawed SARMs, making them a more plausible choice for players seeking an advantage.

SARMs Summary – Before and After Results and Bottom Line

SARMs are beneficial for sportsmen and bodybuilders. It has been shown that they are useful for bulking and boosting muscle mass, as well as lowering weight growth and body fat. They are less hazardous than anabolic steroids. SARM outcomes are equivalent to even the most potent anabolic steroids. On comparing the prior and subsequent effects of SARMs with steroids, it would be prudent to employ SARMs.

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