Ola and James Jordan share unedited clip as trolls accuse couple of ‘faking’ weight loss | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Ola Jordan, 40, and James Jordan, 44, have collectively lost more than seven stone recently and shared their transformations photos to promote their new diet and exercise plan. Some followers, however, didn’t believe the couples’ claim and accused them of altering the photos and “faking” how substantial their weight loss was.

Just before the New Year dawned, Ola and James shared a ‘before and after’ snap on social media, featuring a photo Ola had originally posted in July that had prompted them to get back into diet and exercising regimes.

The photo sparked backlash, with fans claiming they had “faked” their transformation by editing their most recent snap.

One person commented: “Angles, make up, fake tan, lighting, posing, hair up, posture… don’t fall for it guys.”

Others claimed the before photo had been altered to make Ola and James look like they were heavier than they actually were.

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Some stated they would be unfollowing the couple as they were “sick” of constantly seeing celebrity weight loss photos on social media.

One commenter even went as far as to claim the couple had “purposely gained weight” in order to make money from Dance Shred.

On Friday, the couple took to Instagram with a before and after video clip, proving nothing had been edited in their transformation snaps.

Ola and James repeated the same dance they had done pool-side earlier this year, featuring some simple Charleston steps.

Ola seemingly hit out at the people accusing them of faking their weight loss as she captioned the clip: “For those of you who think we’ve always been fit – as you can see we really struggled at first to get back into shape!”

While some followers still retaliated in the comments section as the clip was once again promoting Dance Shred, more positive comments began to flow in.

Fans thanked the couple for the clips, with one saying: “I think it’s really important to show yourselves doing the exercises at your starting weight. No others have ever done it to my knowledge.”

According to The Mirror, at the start of their weight loss journey Ola weighed 11st 9lb but is now back to her Strictly Come Dancing weight of 8st 3lb.


Similarly, James was 15st 6lb but now weighs 11st 6lb and the couple have used their weight loss experience to create their new diet and exercise plan Dance Shred.

James explained on his Instagram page they have now “road tested” the Dance Shred regime, providing their before and after photos as proof.

He revealed it was the sport they had always loved that had helped them shed the pounds, and added in the caption they were “shocked in a good way” at how far they had come.

The original ‘before’ picture was posted by Ola in July as she posed with her husband in front of a pool in their swimming costumes.

In the original caption, Ola admitted she was “horrified and so disappointed with myself” due to her weight gain.

She explained she hoped posting the snap would “motivate” them to take control of their weight, which she dubbed “mum and dad bods”.

The dancer admitted the weight gain was expected as they had both stopped their rigorous dancing regime after leaving Strictly Come Dancing.

Additionally, they had also welcomed their first child, Ella in 2020, although Ola joked: “I just want to know James’ excuse.”