NOWATCH, World’s First “Awareable” that Helps Wearers Estimate and Eliminate Sustained Stress

NOWATCH, a screenless watch that provides real-time feedback about movement, sleep and stress, alongside recovery tools to restore balance and help users to live more fully in the “now”

“People worldwide are more stressed than ever. NOWATCH is a simple, yet powerful tool to help people stay grounded in the present, reminding us there’s no time like the present and there is only NOW,” said NOWATCH CEO and founder, Hylke Muntinga.

NOWATCH, a health innovation company and creator of the “awareable” category, will premiere a screenless watch at CES 2023 that provides real-time feedback about movement, sleep and stress, alongside recovery tools to restore balance and help users to live more fully in the “now.” NOWATCH helps to break the cycle of overstimulation, anxiety and stress, liberates the wearer from ‘always-on’ culture, increases mindfulness and opens them up to the potential of every moment. NOWATCH will showcase its technology at CES Unveiled Las Vegas on January 3, 2023, and at CES 2023 from January 5 – 8, 2023, at the Venetian Expo, Eureka Park, Hall G, Booth 62100. View a short video about NOWATCH here.

NOWATCH CEO and co-founder Hylke Muntinga discovered in 2019 that he carries a rare genetic condition, PXE, which will ultimately cost him his eyesight. Inspired by his diagnosis and his desire to help people get the most out of every moment,, he created NOWATCH in partnership with his co-founder, Timothée Manschot and Philips. “People are more stressed than ever and need simple but powerful solutions that help them stay mindful of their emotions and health,” said Muntinga. “NOWATCH is easy to use so it doesn’t become another distraction or obstacle for the wearer, and is a powerful tool to help people stay grounded in the present and achieve well-being. NOWATCH reminds us all there’s no time like the present and there is only now.”

The screenless NOWATCH has a fashionable, interchangeable ethically-sourced gemstone face, and is powered by advanced health-tracking technology that quietly works as the wearer goes about their day. NOWATCH delivers gentle vibrations throughout the day that bring the wearer back to the present, reducing stress, increasing awareness and mindfulness, and ultimately helping to improve mental health and physical well-being.

How NOWATCH Works:

  • Philips EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Biosensing Technology: measures changes in sweat gland activity via skin conductance. The biosensing technology sends a small, non-harmful current to the skin and measures the change in electrical conductance between two points over time on the skin.
  • Stress Estimate: Is derived from skin conductance, which is a direct measure of the wearer’s sympathetic nervous system. Stress levels are measured across different levels: Calm (i.e., no stress, no reactivity), Very Low up to Very High.
  • Vibrations: NOWATCH quickly learns the wearer’s biorhythms and users can choose to send subtle vibrations to help them become aware of their stressors and emotions, inviting them to reconnect to the present and restore balance.
  • Predicted Cognitive Zone: Reflects the user’s cognitive performance (i.e. ability to think clearly) and gives the wearer time to intervene and self-correct if they choose. The wearer’s current physiology informs their predicted cognitive zone, which is viewable in the app momentum page of the NOWATCH app.
  • Mood: Tracks the wearer’s mood to help them better contextualize the fluctuations in their physiology. Data is also used to help enhance NOWATCH algorithms.
  • Individual Stress Fingerprint: By identifying their individual “stress fingerprint,” users are better able to recognize and manage their stress. NOWATCH enables users to discreetly capture and save specific moments when they are stressed by simply pressing the crown on their watch, which marks their physiology with a time stamp in the app and offers an option to add a journal entry to the moment.
  • In-app Breathing Exercises and Lifestyle Recommendations: Empower users to monitor and respond to stress and what triggers it, leading to greater awareness and understanding of their mental state.

According to the World Health Organization, stress is the number one health challenge of the 21st century. The American Psychological Association estimates stress related health problems cost the U.S. $300 billion annually. Mindfulness – which helps people focus on their breath, present moment awareness and relaxation – offers a simple, drug-free, repeatable way to improve mood, concentration and stress tolerance. NOWATCH allows users to tap into many of the benefits of mindfulness and chart their progression and physical health.

NOWATCH Features and Specifications:

  • Scientifically Estimates Stress Levels: Measures stress using Philips EDA (Electrodermal Activity) biosensing technology. The Stress Estimate is derived from skin conductance, categorized by different levels: calm (no stress/no reactivity), then a stress range from very low to very high.
  • Screenless by Design: Created screenless by design with interchangeable gemstones, NOWATCH encourages the user to experience the sensations they feel in the present moment — instead of adding another distraction.
  • Companion iOS and Android App: Displays the NOWATCH wearer’s physiology in real-time and provides actionable insights to help them live a more balanced life.
  • Technology: Bluetooth Low-Energy, EMF-safe, airplane mode compliant
  • Sensors: Red and green PPG (photoplethysmography), EDA, accelerometer, temperature and barometer
  • Dimensions: Length: 9.75” (24.7 cm) length x 1.46” (37 mm) diameter x 0.43” (10.9 mm) thick
  • Weight: 1.76 oz or 50 grams
  • Waterproof (5ATM) and Temperature-Resistant
  • Battery Life: Up to four full days depending on use
  • Special CES 2023 Pricing:
  • Starting at $369 USD / €369 Euros / £369 GBP
  • (MSRP starting at $499 USD / €499 Euros / £499 GBP as of January 9, 2023)
  • Includes:
  • Watch housing: stainless steel, silver, gold or rose gold/PVD coating
  • One magnetically interchangeable disc of choice: gemstone or metal
  • Choice of metal disc: stainless steel, silver, gold or rose gold
  • Lifetime subscription membership (CES special only): Subscribers receive a continuously growing suite of software features, data-driven insights, personalized recommendations, guided exercises and scientifically-backed educational content. (Regular price: three-year membership for $6/month; one-year for $9/month; or monthly for $12/month)
  • Pricing: Ethically-Sourced, Watch Face Gemstones (sold separately):
  • White Agate: $89
  • Tigers Eye: $49
  • Rose Quartz: $25
  • Malachite: $139
  • Lapis Lazuli: $219
  • Labradorite: $49
  • Falcon Eye: $49
  • Amethyst: $99
  • Watch Band Options:
  • 12 watch bands made from sustainable leather
  • Five watch bands made from 100% woven recycled ocean plastic
  • What’s in the Box:
  • Watch band
  • Watch housing
  • Interchangeable disc of choice
  • USB-C cable charger
  • Box Packaging: Made of recycled cork and mycelium; 100% sustainable and can be used for travel/storage
  • Where to Buy: NOWATCH website or NOWATCH flagship store located in the heart of Amsterdam at 455 Prinsengracht.
  • Launch Markets: U.S., Canada, Europe and U.K.

Interested media, industry partners and investors are invited to contact [email protected] to schedule and appointment at CES to experience NOWATCH. Visit NOWATCH to learn more or access the NOWATCH press kit here.


NOWATCH is the world’s first “awareable,” a screenless designer watch that provides real-time feedback about movement, sleep and stress, as well as recovery tools to restore balance. NOWATCH uses Philips EDA (Electrodermal Activity) biosensing technology to measure changes in skin conduction, quickly learning biorhythms and making the wearer aware of their emotions and physiology. Featuring an interchangeable gemstone face, and delivering gentle vibrations throughout the day, NOWATCH brings the wearer back to the present, relieving stress, increasing mindfulness and ultimately improving mental and physical health.

Founded in 2020 by Hylke Muntinga and Timothée Manschot, NOWATCH is a pending B-corporation headquartered in Amsterdam and is a privately held company. Follow NOWATCH on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or learn more at


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