Night Shred Review 2023: Fat Burner, Burns Fat In Sleep?

About The Brand

Inno Supps is a vegan-friendly producer of fat-burning and workout recovery supplements that are free of additives. Their broad range of natural ingredients increases fitness in bodybuilders and helps in the process of losing weight for those embarking on a weight loss journey.

Inno Supps was founded in 2019 by Kevin Gunderson. It is located within Henderson, Nevada. The band has been featured on the most popular YouTube channels as well as other media outlets like The Observer, Discover Magazine, Diet Spotlight, and numerous others.

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Before launching the brand Night Shred the creator worked with a team of researchers and doctors to create supplements of high-quality and amazing flavor.

What is Inno Supps Night Shred?

The Night Shred can be used as an appetite-suppressant that can help to reduce late-night cravings as well as your appetite. It can help in your fat-burning workout. Every serving of Night Shred is a combination of Valerian Root as well as Chamomile that both aid in creating a relaxing and tranquil mental state.

The flagship product of the brand Night Shred is highly sought-after and is praised with a variety of reviews. In contrast to other supplements which only sell their products through the official website and only on their official website, Night Shred is sold through other stores like Amazon as well as GNC.

Night Shred is packed with important ingredients like Valerian Root Passionflower, Chamomile, and Gama Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). All of these ingredients work to help you sleep well and cut off a significant amount of the fat you consume at night.

Does it actually work?

Yes, it works! Night Shreds from Inno Supps can help to burn fat more efficiently and boosts the quality of sleeping throughout the night. Out of all supplements for burning off fat in the PM that are available The Inno Supps Night Shred is the best in shredding the fat that you store during the night by using its ‘PM Fat Burning Complex’ feature that helps you reach those weight-loss goals quicker.

The “Nighttime Recovery Complex” will also help alleviate muscle soreness, offer an excellent night’s rest and boost muscle recovery.

A Featured Product

Best Option

Night Shred

●    Effective fat burner for the night.
●    There is a low chance of adverse negative
●    The ingredients are naturally occurring
●    A lot of positive reviews from customers.
●    Provides natural sleep aid
●    Helps to reduce cravings for food at night.

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●    Improves the quality of sleep overall
●    Reduces cravings for junk food
●    Aids in burning fat more quickly


●    It can be expensive
●    Might cause digestive issues

Ingredients for Night Shred


There’s 48 percent in the daily value (DV) for magnesium per serving. This is significant since half of Americans suffer from magnesium deficiencies. [1] 1Low magnesium levels can make vitamin D uneffective and place the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The main issue is the kind of magnesium, which is magnesium oxide, which is a type that is not easily absorbed by the body’s tissues. It is used in the treatment of constipation.


GABA is a substance created by the brain that decreases anxiety and calms nerves. Our bodies are used to natural GABA and not the synthetic GABA that is found in supplements or other sources.

Because of its massive molecular form, [2] it’s not possible to allow GABA to penetrate the blood-brain barrier quickly. It’s a reason why it’s not as effective and bioavailability of GABA as supplementation.

If your goal is to boost your GABA levels, you’re better off taking natural nutrients and herbs like L-Theanine, which is believed to increase the GABA levels.


Passionflower is frequently used as treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Although there’s only a small amount of study [44 to confirm its efficacy but it’s not believed to cause negative side effects in the majority of people.


Chamomile tea is usually utilized to relax. It helps to relax of the body and mind. This is why the Chamomile component in the supplement triggers the sleep recovery complex, which gives the sleep you need to rest. It aids with with digestive health, diarrhea and nausea.


It could be an Ayurvedic herbal medicine [67 which reduces stress hormones like cortisol, for instance.

Ashwagandha is sometimes referred to as “The Smell of the Horse’ and “The Power of the Horse.’ These names are derived from the distinct smell that is of its roots. The scent is believed to boost a person’s energy levels and virility. It also increases the strength of a person.

While this herbal remedy is useful in certain supplements, it’s seldom utilized as a natural ingredient to aid in sleep. It is more commonly employed for its antioxidant capabilities and capacity to boost metabolism, reduce inflammation and fat-burning effects. The most effective dosage is between 250 mg and 5 grams.


Valerian root is among the Night Shred ingredients widely used in many other sleep supplements. The majority of people agree on the effectiveness of it in assisting sleep and has it having a moderate hypnotic effect. [7] This is a proof of its effectiveness in helping to achieve a deep, relaxing sleep by using it.

Although there is only a small amount of research [88 to support Valerian’s efficacy as a fat burner in animals, there’s no evidence from humans that suggests valerian aids in weight loss.


A study from 2019 identified the role [99 of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) in the development of obesity. Its mechanism of action is believed to be based on the microbiome of the gut. A experiment conducted on animals [1010. about the effects on the effects of CLA in relation to body fat has shown an average loss of 60% of fat over a period of 30 days as a result of the breakdown and oxidation of fat. CLA has also reduced the body’s fat stores when compared to animal experiments. Consuming a minimal of three grams CLA is a great dose to burn fat, and only 75 mg of a unique ingredient in the product from which CLA is a component.

Grains Of Paradise

Grains of Paradise is a ginger-related spice . It is the first ingredient to be used for Inno Supps Night Shred fat-burning formula. According to preliminary research, [11] Grains of Paradise is believed to aid your system in the effective breaking down of fat.

In reality it is true that the complete PM fat-burning complex contains just the equivalent of 76 milligrams. This means that the majority of the ingredients that make up Night Shred are highly underdosed.


For mood enhancement is concerned 5-HTP is an excellent alternative. 5-HTP is vital to the creation of serotonin, a neurochemical that is the reason you feel a sense of happiness and relaxation. Serotonin is also converted into Melatonin [1212 which aids in achieving sleeping patterns that allow for restful sleep. The recommended dose for weight loss ranges from 250-300 mg within 30 minutes of the meal. Night Shred is only 35.5 mg , which is a mix of 5-HTP and L-tryptophan. it’s not exactly a therapeutic dosage.


L-Carnitine is a different fat-burning ingredient. It helps mitochondria efficiently utilize food and produce energy during the process. The most effective dose of L-carnitine ranges from 500 mg to 2500 mg daily. It is in the formula as a proprietary ingredient in an unknown quantity. The formula that is proprietary (PM Fat Burning Complex) has just 76 mg.


This is the naturally occurring sleep hormone. Melatonin helps you sleep and boosts antioxidant levels which protects brain cells from harm and assisting you sleep deeply and enjoy a restful sleep. Melatonin is found in a dose that is effective that is 3 milligrams.


L-Trytophan can be described as an amino acid which is commonly found in the turkey and other meats. [13] It’s converted to Serotonin which is a stimulant for the quality of sleep, mental wellbeing and other vital body functions.

Health Benefits of Night Shreds

Night Shred can boost metabolism, so that even while you sleep, your body is burning fat at a rapid rate. This product from Inno Supps works great compared with other products available currently available.

It also assists in reducing your appetite, thus bringing you to reach your weight reduction objectives. It’s not necessary to worry about eating disorders while making use of this product!

Not only does Night Shred burn fat fast however it also boosts overall health. Sleeping enough is crucial to ensure maximum performance. Growth Hormone, which helps build muscles and boosts metabolism, is released in deep sleep, which is why having enough rest is crucial to reduce weight and burning off fat.

Potentially harmful side effects

The only adverse effect observed during the use of Night Shred is mild insomnia. In the event that you suffer from any side consequences, stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice. As with all supplements it is best to consult your physician before beginning any new program.

Can night shred be used safely for pregnant women?

There is no research that is sufficient to determine the security regarding the safety Night Shreds for pregnant women. Always consult your physician prior to using any new supplements when you are nursing or pregnant.


It’s as simple as taking one pill each night for at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and you’ll wake up refreshed with more energy than before. Night Shred is a supplement that Night Shred supplement helps to improve metabolism so that , even when you’re sleeping the body is still burning fat at a faster rate, compared to other products that are available.

Furthermore, Night Shred suppresses appetite and will eventually bring you to the goal as well, so there will be there are no cravings when using this product.

The Night Shred Recap: What do real Users Say?

“I am extremely satisfied with the results I’ve observed from using night shred! The product has helped me shed weight faster than ever before and at the same time reducing my desire for unhealthy food. The only drawback is that it could be somewhat expensive, however If you’re searching for a way to improve your weight loss outcomes Then Night Shred is certainly worth a look!”


“This product works fantastic! My wife purchased it at Walmart and loves it as well. We make use of it each at night before going to bed, so that we are able to wake up refreshed the next day rather than sluggish like many people feel when drinking coffee right after getting up.”

Shane A

“If I had just one issue with this product, it’s the cost as at $99 for per bottle, that’s pretty high for what’s essentially nothing more than a multivitamin that’s overpriced. However, if you’re looking for a way to accelerate losing weight while you rest it’s hard to surpass night shred.”


“I’ve been using the night shred for about an entire week now and I am loving it! It makes me lose weight faster than ever before and my sleeping quality has significantly improved. The only issue is that the cost is a bit expensive However, I feel that overall it’s worth the cost!”

Sarah K

I love this product since it helps me shed weight while asleep. But, I’m not happy with the price when in comparison to other products available.

Kelsey H

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There are a myriad of supplements available that claim to help customers reduce weight and build muscle. Certain of these supplements may be extremely beneficial for certain individuals. However, there are some that are nothing more than pseudoscience.

Finding out what is which quite a task.

In the next section, we’ll look at an in-depth look at Night Shred, one of the top fat-burning supplements that is available, as well as the scientific basis behind it. We’ll assist you in determining whether it’s a good product to purchase.

What exactly is Nig Shred Exactly?

The Night Shred is a fat burner that has ingredients that can help reduce appetite. The ingredients you’d expect from an appetite-suppressant formulation. However, it contains certain calming substances like chamomile that can help ease emotional eating and stress.

These ingredients that calm you can aid in sleep. Better sleep means you are less likely to experience cravings for food late at night – since you’ll be asleep!

Inno Supps created this product as one of its most popular supplements. It is available on Amazon as well as GNC which makes it more readily available than the other alternatives.

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What is fat Burners?

The fat burners can be considered supplements that can aid in losing weight faster. Of course, the method by which they work will differ. Certain supplements can reduce appetite, which allows you to shed weight by reducing your the amount of calories you consume. Night Shred falls into this category.

But, other supplements can assist in burning more calories through ingredients that increase your metabolism, and also prevent the formation of new fat tissue. The third type is fat burners that accomplish both.

Are there any people who can benefit from fat-burners?

Generally, yes. Every healthy person can utilize the fat burner. However, if any medical issues that are underlying or pregnant, you must talk with your physician first. They are usually considered to be safe.

But, they could cause certain side consequences. The specific side effects depend on the particular supplement. For instance, certain more powerful supplements can lead to liver failure that is acute when used over an extended period.

What are the benefits of using Night Shred?

There are many benefits to taking Night Shred. Naturally, every body react differently to these supplements and you’ll never be aware of what you’ll experience until you’ve taken it. The good news is that it’s to be relatively safe, so there’s nothing stopping you from taking it.

This supplement is a mix with a variety of ingredients, which is for the many advantages for those who take it. The first and most important benefit is that this supplement can reduce your appetite. This makes you consume less food generally enough to help people begin losing weight gradually.

Night Shred can also aid in the regulation of sleep. It is a supplement that contains numerous ingredients that can help you fight stress. Through reducing stress, you could be able to experience less emotional eating and other self-harming behavior. Naturally having less stress and greater relaxation will also increase your the duration and quality of sleep. This can also make to ensure that your sleep is of higher quality and boost the amount of fat that you burn (though we’ll discuss the research behind it in the coming days).

If you exercise often, Night Shred could assist in improving the muscle’s recovery. Although it’s not a builder of muscles however, it could assist you in resting more as well as help the muscles to recover faster. There’s some evidence to suggest that it can reduce soreness too.

The Night’s Ingredients Shred Formula

To achieve all the above, Night Shred uses a specific mix of ingredients. Let’s take a look at each of them one-by-one


Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is created when you are asleep and is among the neurotransmitters that transmit information to the brain. Its role on Night Shred is one focused on reducing anxiety-related effects. People with chronic conditions might have lower levels than normal of GABA like those suffering from ADHD as well as anxiety.

Although there isn’t much research done about GABA as well as weight loss researchers have discovered those who use GABA can fall asleep faster..


Chamomile is a popular herb which promotes relaxation. It is thought to be extremely safe to drink regularly. It also offers many other benefits, like helping with skin problems digestion issues, gastrointestinal upsets, and discomfort.

Most importantly, in our use, chamomile promotes sleep. It can aid you in falling asleep more easily and get a continuous sleep cycle. When you’re more rested it will have less of a tendency to snack late at night, and are more likely to burn off fat due to.

But, the chamomile powder (used for this product) has not been proven to exhibit the same effects. This supplement could be a bit different from the sedative properties we are familiar with from the tea chamomile.


The Passionflower is like the chamomile. It can have calming effects which can help improve sleep. But, it should be examined more closely and could not be as efficient. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health declares it is there isn’t any evidence to support its use..

However there are some studies have revealed that it can enhance sleeping performance by decreasing anxiety and stress.

Valerian Root

Valerian roots have been used in herbal remedies for a long time. This herb influences GABA receptors in your body, which manage anxiety and sleep. The increase in your body’s response to natural GABA may result in the effect of sedation. This means that valerian root could aid in sleeping more comfortably.

The studies that have been conducted on this plant are relatively new. However, one study did show that this plant may possess antidepressant and anxiety-reducing effects. But, the herb was not used in the study and was inhaled.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha has been the subject of lots of attention in the last few years. Yet unlike other herbal remedies that are gaining attention research has proven that this plant has many various benefits.

The supplement Ashwagandha can be used to help as an adaptogen. That means it aids the body manage stress. It is known that this herb aids in regulating the production of stress hormones within the body. It can, for instance, decrease the activity of a variety of stressed-related organs in the body and, as a result it can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ashwagandha could also improve athletic performance. One study revealed that a number of people who consumed the herb were able to increase their endurance and oxygen consumption when exercising. A review of several studies discovered that healthy adults consumed greater amounts of oxygen following the consumption of the herb.

Based on this that the increase in athletic performance is likely to be due to increased oxygen consumption. When there is more oxygen in the circulation it allows you to perform better.

Numerous sleep studies have also demonstrated the benefits of Ashwagandha’s benefits in sleep. One study included 50 elderly adults who took ashwagandha over 12 weeks. The study revealed that the people who took the supplement experienced better levels of sleep and increased mental alertness.

Grains of Paradise

The herb is similar to ginger and has a strong peppery taste. The herb could influence brown adipose tissue (in men at the very least). The body’s heat-producing tissue and is among the primary ways that humans use calories when they are not active.

Another study was conducted on obese, adult women who women consumed the cereal grains each day during four weeks. After the study, women who consumed the grain shed more body fat. It also produced the highest effects in visceral fat.
●    CLAIn the study’s analysis, this supplement was discovered to trigger an “modest” reduction in fat. These effects last for 6 months prior to the plateau occurs.
●    L-Tryptophan L-Tryptophanis an amino acid that is connected to various functions in the body.    


Melatonin is an extensively used supplement that aids in sleep. It’s known as”the “sleep hormone” with good reason. In particular, it helps to fall asleep and increase the quality of your sleep, according to various studies.

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Who is the best candidate for Night Shred?

Night Shred’s principal purpose is to assist users have a great night’s rest and burn calories during the evening. Thus, those who have difficulty sleeping could see the most benefit from Night Shred. If you’re already able to sleep well however, you won’t benefit from the sleep-enhancing part in this supplement.

But, it has a number of ingredients that aid in weight loss, overall as well as boost your mood overall. So, even when you are sleeping well, you could be able to benefit of this product.

What is the best time to take nighttime Shred?

Night Shred contains melatonin as well as several other ingredients that help promote sleep. This is why it should be consumed at night. It is recommended to consume 30 minutes prior to going to going to bed, to give the elements that promote sleep the time to get going.

However, each body’s system will react differently. Therefore, you should be at liberty to alter your dose as required.

However, we wouldn’t suggest drinking it in the morning because of obvious reasons.

What is the time frame to Get Started working?

There is a slight variation. A lot of the ingredients will perform when you first take the supplement (including several of the ingredients that improve sleep). Certain ingredients will are more effective when they build into your system. It’s possible that you will be able to notice changes in weight loss within the first few weeks.

The time that it takes you to notice any shift isn’t easy to estimate. It will depend on your body type and way of life.

Are there any side effects or contraindications?

Naturally it is not the case that all ingredients are suitable for everyone. The ingredients that make up this supplement are safe for people of all ages. If you suffer from an issue with sleep it is recommended to consult your physician prior to you begin taking the supplement. The ingredients in this supplement can increase the amount of sleepiness. If that’s an issue with you, the product won’t be effective as you’d like it to.

Additionally, some supplements could boost serotonin levels. Although the dosages are in the “safe” range, people who are taking medications for anxiety or depression could find this supplement increasing serotonin to a greater extent. This can cause serotonin disorder.

It is also suggested to look over your other vitamins and supplements to make sure you’re not doubling on any one of them. The components that are in Night Shred are often part of vitamin supplements too.

Night Shred in comparison to. Night Shred Black

Although they both Night Shred and Night Shred Black are very similar, there are a few slight distinctions. There are a few minor variations in the ingredients, which can be overlooked when you aren’t paying attention. For instance, night Shred contains ashwagandha, whereas Night Shred Black has omitted this ingredient , and has added other ingredients.

However, the components they do add do not have the same amount of research to support them. Additionally, the black version is priced higher. We generally suggest Night Shred for most users. It’s more efficient (usually) and also less costly.

Which one should I use?

We suggest purchasing Night Shred due to a variety of reasons. First, it has more scientifically-backed ingredients than the black version. Furthermore, it’s more affordable, so you’ll pay less while receiving more. It’s a win-win.

The company is apparently trying to market the black edition as a “premium” choice. But, based on ingredients, it looks to be more of a lower-end version.

Where Can I Find Nighttime Shred?

Night Shred is much more easily accessible than other fat-burning supplements available. It is available for purchase directly from the official website of the company and also browse through other supplements that they sell. You can, however, get it at GNC or similar stores. It’s also been seen on Amazon occasionally.

So, we suggest looking for it in the places you normally take your supplements.

Visit Official Night Shred Website

What are the Reviews Saying About it?

As with most supplements There are some people who are fans and others who do not like Night Shred. There are many positive reviews that claim it helped users shed weight. However, the people who wrote them probably also experienced certain lifestyle changes. It is difficult to identify what directly caused by the supplement as well as what weight loss was due to other factors.

Naturally, reviews that were negative have reported the exact opposite: there was no weight loss. Fortunately, only a few negative reviews discuss negative side effects or other problems.

We anticipate the supplement to affect individuals differently. Certain people will experience dramatic changes, whereas others won’t notice any. People who suffer from sleep issues or aren’t getting enough sleep are likely to benefit the most of this supplement.

Final Notes

The Night Shred review had shown us how effective the ingredients of this product are in aiding you in losing weight. It helps by increasing the rate of metabolism and burning calories at night, while your body in a state of rest This makes it an ideal choice for people who wish to shed their stubborn fat. The reviews of customers are generally positive, indicating that this supplement will help you manage your appetite, and helps you lose weight.

However, the majority of ingredients are found in less quantities than those utilized in studies that have proven their the effectiveness of fat burning as well as weight reduction. It’s clear that more research is required on the proper dosage and strength of the ingredients. If you take only two capsules before the time you go to bed each night it is possible to get greater quality sleep, and lose weight. If the reviews of customers are true You’ll begin losing weight quickly!

Frequently asked questions

How many pills are contained in one bottle?

There are 60 capsules in each bottle.

What time of the day do I need to take Night Shred?

The Night Shred capsule should be consumed 30 minutes prior to the time you go to bed. Two capsules can be taken along with food or water.

What exactly does Inno Night Shred do?

It is a great supplement to your diet. Supps Sleep Shred a thermogenic fat burner that enhances the process of lipolysis all day long. Two capsules per day result in the body’s fat being stored and additional calories being burnt when you sleep.

Do I need to take Night Shred if I am taking any other medications?

It is recommended to speak with your doctor before beginning any new supplements especially if you’re taking medications. Certain interactions could happen.

Is Inno Supps FDA approved?

Each Inno Shred capsule is produced in a GMP certified and FDA-approved facility that meets the most precise, rigorous and sterile guidelines. Inno Shred is also non-GMO and vegan-friendly.