Neurotech Startup Roga Announces Corporate Wellness Programs Designed to Reduce Employee Stress & Burnout

A young lady wears the Roga device while using the Roga app

The Roga platform combines a device based therapy for stress with coaching and meditation sessions served via the Roga app

Devices are available to the media for trial at and after CES 2023 upon request – contact [email protected] or text +15103265896

Neurotech and wellness company Roga has announced the launch of its corporate wellness program to reduce stress and burnout, and improve overall well being, among workers. The program, which comes after the close of its successful beta program and official device launch, is piloting with its first batch of 30 customer companies.

Roga was founded by a neuroscientist and an ex-Google consumer device product manager who teamed up to create better ways to combat stress and burnout. The solution they created, a wearable/app duo, reduces stress on both a physiological and psychological level by combining two proven methods – non-invasive electrical brain stimulation and meditation — into one safe, effective, and affordable solution.

Stress in the United States is at an all-time high right now for many reasons, however its effects are felt particularly keenly in the workplace. In fact, almost 80% of workers are suffering from workplace stress and 55% of healthcare workers reported experiencing burnout. Aside from the human costs, the costs to workplaces and business are detrimental: In the UK, the majority of a whopping 17.9 million days of work lost were due to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Yet many workers experiencing these symptoms aren’t getting the help they need, or face additional hurdles when looking for solutions. High mental health care costs, a lack of providers, and debilitating side effects can make managing stress its own source of stress.

“We know firsthand how difficult it can be to do good work when our stress levels are off the charts,” said Dr. Alison Smith, Roga’s co-founder and Chief Scientist. “That’s why it’s such a critical time for us to bring this solution to market to help people take care of their mental health.”

In beta testing throughout 2022, now completed, Roga users experienced a 58% reduction in their stress symptoms after 2 weeks and an 82% reduction after 4 weeks.

“Since using Roga, I have seen a BIG improvement in my quality of life,” said one Roga beta tester. “I don’t go into a work week with the same level of dread that I did before and don’t have as much difficulty facing challenging situations.”

The corporate wellness program includes the use of the Roga Life™ device, the app (including custom content created just for the specific team or organization), and organization-level metrics and analytics to track progress and impact on overall wellbeing.

With the official program launch, Roga welcomes other organizations to sign up, and is prioritizing those in the education and healthcare sectors as well as other front-line and high-stress environments.

“We are prioritizing getting these life-changing devices to this subset of workers because we know these populations need all the help they can get to continue doing their important work,” added Ami Lebendiker, Roga cofounder and CEO. “We encourage any organization in those industries to reach out and see how we can help.”

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Roga is a mental health and wellness company using neurotechnology to relieve severe stress and burnout. Based in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Ontario, Roga was founded in 2020 by a neuroscientist and a senior Google hardware PM after discovering that existing options for managing stress were difficult to access, too expensive, and often ineffective. Roga’s inaugural product, Roga Life™, is a paired wearable/app duo that combines two proven methods – electrical brain stimulation and guided meditation into one safe, effective, and affordable solution. Roga is funded by the Ontario Brain Institute and ODX.

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