Miss fit- The New Indian Express

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1. I’m someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym despite having  tried multiple times. What are some of the other active workouts I can do to stay fit?
A : I have a perfect solution for you. Music-based group classes like structured aerobic classes is something you can try. Unlike other fitness routines, these classes are fun, motivating, energetic, interesting, and have variation. The group enthusiasm is contagious and addictive. These classes cover cardio, strength and flexibility and it’s a full-body workout! But remember to workout with a certified trainer.

2. I have PCOS and am anemic, so relatively few exercises get me exhausted quickly. How can I get into a fitter lifestyle while maintaining my health?
A: Firstly, you need to address your major issue – that is the low hemoglobin count. If it’s way too low, then doctors themselves prescribe injections or medication to correct it. So please consult a doctor asap. If it is borderline, then you can increase the blood count by consuming iron-rich veggies and fruits like greens, dates , spinach, raisins, figs, prunes, broccoli, peas, sweet potato, eggs, shrimp , chicken. Once that’s corrected, your energy levels gets altered and you will have more strength to exercise for a longer time and help burn more calories. 
PCOS can be managed via diet and exercise. Eat healthy, create a calorie deficit and exercise.

3. I try to do intermittent fasting. But eventually I feel hungry in the night. What can I do to reduce hunger?
A: Well firstly, it’s a mind thing and secondly, if your meal isn’t balanced, then you will surely feel hungry. Make sure your diet consists of adequate protein, complex carbs and fibre to address hunger  pangs. If you do feel hungry, I suggest you sip on water or camomile tea.  You can do it.