Lions Gate Spiritual and Wellness Center brings joy, light & peace

Lions Gate Spiritual and Wellness Center brings joy, light, and peace to the community
Genevieve Hackett and Wendy Rieder pose for a photo inside Lions Gate. (Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

WESTBOROUGH – Lions Gate Spiritual and Wellness Center serves the community as a place where individuals can explore their spiritual journey and seek holistic wellness. The center includes an Enlightenment and Wellness Center and a retail Metaphysical Shoppe.

Owner Wendy Rieder, a lawyer who manages her own law firm, had a spiritual awakening four years ago and felt a calling to share her vision by creating Lions Gate. She chose this name because of its significance involving a powerful astral alignment, which yields perfect energy for creating and manifesting. 

“Lions Gate signifies the opening of a celestial portal that occurs each year on August 8th,” said Rieder. “My journey leading to the creation of this center began on that day in 2021.”

Rieder realized that many people don’t have guidance in how to develop their spiritual gifts. An important part of Lions Gate’s mission is to provide that guidance.

“Lions Gate offers a place to gather, learn and explore. Our practitioners specialize in many different modalities, including mediumship, tarot card reading, psychic development, reiki, restorative yoga, and nutrition counseling. This is just the beginning of our plans,” said Rieder.

Rieder and her business partner, Genevieve Hackett, consistently change their offerings, keeping the energy fresh. For 2023, Lions Gate is adding several new wellness services, including a vibroacoustic liquid sound table for vibration therapy, which supports relaxation and healing.

Rieder is also passionate about supporting local artists, spiritual practitioners and small businesses, and ensures that their work is featured in the Shoppe.

“For example, Lions Gate proudly offers jewelry crafted by artist Buffy Cave, who uses antique button molds to make silver medallions,” said Rieder. “Local artist Denise Carol Ward has her mandala drawings here. The work of many others is on display here and we continually rotate items to showcase the work of as many artisans as possible.” 

In addition, the Shoppe carries a variety of healing and spiritual items, including pendulums, incense, and jewelry. A popular selection is the custom gift box.

“The gift boxes are gifts of intention,” said Rieder. “We create something personal and meaningful based on the customer’s intention and our intuition.”

Lions Gate also maintains an online presence, hosting an online store and a searchable practitioner directory.

“We are here to serve our customers at all levels. We have classes from beginner to advanced. I want everyone to feel welcome at Lions Gate, especially those newly beginning their journey. Lions Gate is building community, and the world needs more places like this – places to gather, learn, and be with like-minded people in a safe, non-judgmental environment.”  

Visit Lions Gate at 57 E Main Street or at

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