Leonard Fournette Describes Serious Foot Injury in Since Deleted Tweet – Tampa Bay Buccaneers | BucsGameday

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ running game (or lack thereof) has rightfully been under fire this entire season. As a team, the Buccaneers remain last in the NFL in rushing yards per game by a significant margin, producing less than 80 yards per contest. 

Naturally, Leonard Fournette, who is the team’s number-one running back on the depth chart, has taken the brunt of the heat. 

To his credit, Fournette has, for the most part, looked like himself once he’s able to get downhill. But the process of getting downhill, from whenever he receives the football, is a painstaking one. More often than not, Lenny looks slow, deliberate, and indecisive. This is most obvious when he’s in the backfield before he’s even reached the line of scrimmage.