Learn how MediKane’s products are transforming medical nutrition industry

Globally, there have been growing concerns over infections and rising cases of chronic health conditions. Management of chronic and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes requires continuous medication, nutrition management, and regular activities.

Amid such a scenario, the concept of health & wellness has broadened significantly with growing consumer interest in all-natural health-style products.

MediKane, an Australian company, is tapping the global chronic disease market with its portfolio of natural products. The natural health company develops food-based products that are supported by clinical trials and have proven efficacy in health improvement. They have specific health benefits and are delivered in dose form. The company aims to become a forerunner in the plant-based ‘Food as Medicine’ health space.

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MediKane’s ‘Food as Medicine’ products

MediKane develops food-based products. Therefore, they do not require pharmaceutical regulation and registration by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut free. They have no artificial colours, flavours, or chemical stimulants.

The two MediKane products, NutriKane D and NutriKane R, fall under the umbrella brand NutriKane.

NutriKane D – There is no specific medication for uncontrolled blood sugar levels (BSLs). According to doctors, diet management and exercise are the most effective practices for this problem.

NutriKane D, the flagship product of MediKane, is scientifically developed to reduce and keep BSLs under control. Made of natural ingredients, the product has a rich and complex profile of micronutrients. It has clinical evidence of stabilising BSLs and aiding in weight loss.

NutriKane R – NutriKane R, a food as medicine product, has several benefits of promoting gut health. It is a 100% natural, concentrated medical food scientifically designed for maintaining optimal regularity. Unlike other chemical products, it is free of harsh chemicals, and enriched with fibre and essential micronutrients to support gut health.

NutriKane R is not a laxative, but it helps to reduce constipation by enhancing overall gut health and promoting healthy bowel movements.

MediKane SugarKane fibre – MediKane also offers SugarKane fibre, a nutrient-rich dietary fibre product designed for improving gut health and providing microbiome/immune support. It also lowers the glycaemic index of foods.

The product is simple to use and can be added to daily diet, such as different meals and drink recipes.

MediKane Ingredients – a division of MediKane

The MediKane Ingredients segment offers plant-based products to manufacturers such as bakeries and health food manufacturers. The producers then incorporate them into their final products, such as bread, juice, pasta, and cakes. These are clean label, non-GMO, natural ingredients free of allergen, gluten, and chemicals.

Moreover, MediKane has a pipeline for new product development, aimed at expanding its foundation products. The company aims to add more natural health management options under its portfolio to address other lifestyle concerns.