Is there a secret to looking and feeling young?

“The data actually tells a story that will motivate you to be careful with your food, and what other things that you should do, (as) advised by the specialists,” he added.

Major changes to his lifestyle followed, with his diet and exercise scrupulously monitored at the centre.

“Exercise (has) become part and parcel of my life. Today, if I don’t walk, I feel a little bit uneasy,” he said.

Mr Kong, who is pushing 60 years old, said what he is getting is an “overhaul” to his body.

“My health has improved so much,” he added.


Lifestyle tweaks are just one part of what is offered at Regenosis. It is one of a growing number of centres in Asia providing regenerative medicine through stem cell therapy called mesenchymal stem cell therapy.

While strict limitations in Singapore mean this therapy cannot be administered here, clients can go through it at the firm’s facility across the Causeway.

The treatments can cost up to S$30,000 annually.

Such stem cell therapy is one of many aspects of ageing that is being studied currently in regenerative medicine, said Professor William Hwang, head of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre.

He explained that such therapy involves the use of stem cells in the hope that they will repair and regenerate diseased tissues and cells. However, “a lot more” studies among a large population are needed to see if stem cell therapy is truly beneficial in slowing down ageing, he said.

He drew up the analogy of fixing a damaged car.

“If you liken the situation to that of a damaged car, then throwing in undifferentiated mesenchymal stromal cells – it’s like throwing a bunch of screws and levers into the engine and hoping they assemble themselves into an engine,” he said.

“It doesn’t always work, but nevertheless, it’s an area … worth studying,” he added.

While the jury may still be out over the efficacy of stem cell therapy, it has its fans, and among them is Mr Kong. 

Although he did not say if he is undergoing stem cell therapy with Regenosis, he said if it is allowed in Singapore, “I’ll be the first one to jump into it”.


Others in Mr Kong’s age bracket, like Mr Chuando Tan, swear by more basic methods to try and defy ageing.

The 56-year-old attained online fame for not looking his age and toned body five years ago, after a Chinese online site featured his Instagram profile.

“As much as I don’t think I look that young, I could be a person who look like a healthy version of someone of my age,” he said.

The artistic director and model exercises, watches his calorie input and output, and maintains a positive mindset, he said.

“If let’s say we can psyche ourselves to have that mindset to have a positive, healthy, young thinking, I think through a period of time, that feeling will eventually become you,” he said.