Is power walking a good workout? Here’s what I learned |

Power walking is walking at speed, faster than you would normally walk, but not quite a jog. To qualify as walking you must have one foot on the ground at all times, but to power walk, you need to be quickening your walking pace. And it’s just about the feet and the legs. One of the great things about power walking is that it’s an overall body exercise. The arms are up, active, and powering you forward just as much as the legs.

This very particular type of exercise is something I’m very familiar with, though not until recently as a participant. Here in Sheffield in the UK, when I was a child, I used to see the ‘star walkers’ as they were called, walking in this peculiar fast fashion past my house. They were so called because every year the local paper organized a walking race that anyone from the city could enter. I saw these people, walking fast, their arms pumping away and I thought how strange they looked. Not quite a jog, but not a normal walk either.