If you want to manage diabetes then eat guava, know its other health benefits


Diabetes can be controlled by consuming guava.
Guava can improve the digestive system.

Health Benefits Of Guava: Guava is the only fruit that is included in the diet to improve diabetes, cancer, skin health, digestion and heart health. Not only this, its leaves can also be used as herbal tea. It contains abundant amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamin-C, potassium and fiber which can be beneficial for overall health. Guava is known for its unique taste. Although guava is consumed only in the winter season, which can protect against seasonal cold, cold and fever. Let us know, apart from controlling the blood sugar level, guava can be beneficial in other problems.

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control diabetes
according to healthline The fiber present in guava can play a helpful role in reducing blood sugar levels. Eating guava along with the peel can also help in managing cholesterol level. Several studies have also revealed that guava leaf extracts may have antihyperglycemic effects against type 2 diabetes, which can act to reduce blood sugar.

boost the immune system
Guava is considered the best source of Vitamin C. Consumption of Vitamin C can help in boosting the immune system. Guava has anti-microbial benefits which work to eliminate bad bacteria and viruses. It can also reduce the symptoms of cold and flu.

beneficial in cancer
Extracts of guava leaves have been considered anticarcinogenic. Guava leaf can stop the growth of cancer cells. The anti-oxidant free radicals present in guava work to stop the harmful cancer cells. Guava leaf oil is also mixed in many cancer drugs, which can stop the development of cancer four times faster.

effective in weight loss
Guava is considered as a weight loss friendly food. One guava contains 37 calories and 12 percent fiber. It is a low calorie snack which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Being high in fiber, guava can keep the stomach full for a long time.

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Improves the digestive system
Guava is an excellent source of dietary fiber which can relieve constipation. A guava contains 12 percent fiber which keeps the stomach full for a long time. Also can improve digestive problems.
Consumption of guava can get rid of many major problems. It especially helps in managing diabetes and cholesterol.

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