How To Lose Weight Fast With The Ketogenic Diet (And What The Benefits Are For Your Health)

to be thin with ketogenic or protein diet It’s relatively easy. This probably explains why these diets are still the order of the day when it comes to losing weight.

These types of diets are particularly effective for weight loss because put the body into ketosiswhich is a normal metabolic process that provides many Health Benefits and Great Weight Loss, When the body enters ketosis, The body converts fat into compounds called ketones And starts using them as their main source of energy, that is, the person starts losing weight.

Many studies have proven that going into ketosis is extremely beneficial for weight loss, especially since it is easy to achieve and because it suppresses your appetite, making it easier to stick with the diet. In addition, research also suggests that Ketosis may help against type 2 diabetes and neurological disordersamong other conditions.

Can we all get into ketosis?

“Through the ketogenic diet you can get a fast, sustainable and above all, healthy weight loss», says Dr. Molins, a renowned expert in nutrition and dietetics and aesthetic medicine with over three decades of medical experience.

In form of if it’s dangerous, the doctor is clear that no: « Losing any weight produces ketone bodies, there is no other way to eliminate fat from our body unless it is painful like surgery or liposuction. Due to biochemistry in our body, ketone bodies are generated which are excreted through urine and breath. So, Ketosis is not dangerous as long as it is controlled and stable.», he assures in his article top doctor,

Effects of Ketosis on Your Health

As we told you above that ketogenic diet is not only good for reducing weight but also for controlling other conditions.

«With the clinical investigations carried out in recent times, we have been able to observe Reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol rate of patientsabout the improvement of metabolic status In general and above all, DDecreased blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes, and even in insulin-dependent patients it is much higher than that obtained from a conventional or poorly balanced diet. The benefits of the ketogenic diet in the medical pathology associated with obesity are immense. This diet is beneficial for health if there is a serious problem of obesity”, says the doctor.

How to Lose Weight Effectively on the Ketogenic Diet

To follow this diet properly and lose weight, keep these things in mind:

  • You should limit your carbohydrate intake to about 20 grams per day (5-10% of total calories in the diet). These figures should be confirmed by your specialist, as it varies from person to person (for example, if someone exercises, they can consume more carbohydrates without leaving ketosis).
  • eat enough protein, which is needed to supply the liver with amino acids that can be used for glucose production. Generally a daily intake of 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of a person’s weight will be effective.
  • eat healthy fatsBecause it can increase your ketone levels and thus help you enter ketosis.
  • to do some exerciseThis depletes your body’s glycogen stores, which will increase your liver’s production of ketones, which can be used as an alternative fuel source for your muscles, which in turn will help you lose weight.
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what to eat to get into ketosis

As we have seen, in order to enter ketosis and lose weight, we must prioritize the intake of proteins and good fats. Some of the foods included in this group are:

  • white fishSuch as hake, cod, monkfish, stoker, whiting, blue whiting, sea bass, sea bass, sea bream, rooster or sole.
  • white meat: turkey, chicken or rabbit.
  • eggsAn alternative to getting the most out of your protein is to eat only the whites, as the yolk contains more fat and more minerals. In any case, an egg substitute is always good.
  • low fat dairy, If we bet on the world of cheeses, remember that the softest, freshest and softest cheeses are always the better, because the older they are, the more concentrated the salt, fat and protein. We can also resort to different types of yogurts that we see with a lower content of carbohydrates and fats, as is the case with some Greek yogurts and some with milk.
  • oysters: prawns, langoustines, prawns, clams, cockles, clams, lobsters, oysters, mussels… of course, without going overboard, since we must remember that their consumption increases the level of uric acid, therefore hyperuricemia or uric People with acid high should not consume more.
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The healthiest way to consume these products would be cooked with very little salt. , freepik

For what kind of foods should not be eaten, you can publish them in the following article: