How Did He Break World Pull-up Record?

David Goggins’ pull-up record might be one of the most outrageous feats in fitness. Goggins is a household name when it comes to physical fitness and determination.

Known for his extreme endurance feats, Goggins has completed numerous ultramarathons, Ironman triathlons, and other grueling challenges. One of his most impressive accomplishments to date is breaking the world pull-up record. So, how did he do it? Let’s find out.

David Goggins Pull-Up Record: How Did He Do It?

Goggins began his attempt on September 27, 2013. A guest on the Today Show, Goggins had completed over 40,000 pull-ups in his preparation to break the world record.

He began his attempt right as the show ended, performing under hot studio lights in front of a giant glass window overlooking New York City. This was the first issue in his pull-up record conquest. He preferred to break records away from the spotlight.

From the start, it was clear that Goggins was in top physical condition. He had trained extensively for the challenge, focusing on building up his strength and endurance through a variety of exercises. The 40,000 reps he had put in behind the scenes certainly helped.

However, another issue arose — the bar. The bar didn’t have the best grip, and it hindered Goggins’ ability to perform explosive reps. He ended up tapping out after 2,500 reps.

David Goggins failed to break the world record several times before finally succeeding. (Image via FitnessVolt)
David Goggins failed to break the world record several times before finally succeeding. (Image via FitnessVolt)

Two months after his first attempt, Goggins was determined to set the world record.

He intensely studied his first attempt, this time having a bar of his choice at his disposal. Goggins began to feel the burn after just 150 reps, with his hands starting to slip. He took his first break after ten hours, unwrapping his gloves accompanied by a few layers of skin. Still, he did not stop. He performed a few hundred reps by all means possible, before calling it quits. He failed, again.

If there’s anything you need to know about David Goggins, it’s that he never gives up. He was more driven than ever to succeed, and he hoped that his third time would be the charm. He even went so far as to ask a mattress company to design a special padding for his hands to prevent the blisters that caused him to quit in his previous attempt.

After 12 hours, he was at 3,000 reps. The David Goggins pull-up record attempt was looking good. As the hours ticked by, Goggins powered through pull-up after pull-up, pausing only for brief breaks to rest and refuel. Despite the grueling nature of the task, he remained focused and determined, driven by his desire.

David Goggins is an inspiration to many.
David Goggins is an inspiration to many.

After 17 long hours of agony, Goggins was crowned the champion of pull-ups. At 4,030 reps, he had trumped the previous world record of nine fewer. The David Goggins pull-up record attempt was successful, at last.


David Goggins pull-up record is just one of his long list of accomplishments. He has inspired millions around the world with his dedication to fitness and determination to succeed.

If you’re looking to break your own personal record, whether it’s in the gym or in life, take a page from Goggins’ book, and remember that with hard work, discipline, and a strong mind, anything is possible.

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