How are e-bikes essential for your mental & physical health?

By Sumedh Battewar

The prospects of cycling were tough in the last two years owing to the pandemic-induced social distancing and stay-at-home norms. However, as the world is recouping and life is getting back on track, fitness enthusiasts are also returning to their cycling tracks. And those who became fitness enthusiasts during the lockdown have moved to adopt a new lifestyle of e-biking to suit their fast-paced lives. 

Undoubtedly, cycling makes you aerobically fit, which carries physical and mental benefits. It is a great way to stay connected with the body. Many evolutions have been made in the segment of bicycles due to the burgeoning demand for alternatives to traditional cycling. One of the most sought-after trends that is shaping the market is e-bikes. Thanks to advancements in technology that have redefined the bicycle segment, electric bikes are becoming significantly more popular due to their myriad benefits over conventional cycles.  

Perfect for all age groups

Cycling is a non-weight-bearing activity, also known as low-impact exercise. It is one of the safest physical activities for people of all ages. Riding an e-bike can benefit anyone, from the elderly to the kids and can offer the same physical benefits as conventional cycling. It can improve lower limb strength in older adults. Usually, walking or running is challenging for older adults as they can increase the risk of acute or chronic joint pains. However, e-biking presents a lower risk of such inflammation in joints whilst providing several other physical health benefits. In addition, it does not result in increasing bone density which can offer strength to the rider’s bones. 

Reduces the risk of several diseases

Cycling is considered one of the safest and most sought-after exercises today. With the concept of e-bikes, it has become more efficient to ride cycles which ensures cushioned ride, power to cruise and safety on different terrains – traffic, uneven roads and slopes. Several studies suggest that cycling reduces the risk of all sorts of diseases, from cardiovascular to metabolic and mental disorders. It strengthens the aerobic system of the body and provides exponential strength to the muscles due to continuous pedalling. Being a mindful outdoor activity, e-biking is recognized for offering a healthy lifestyle. 

Enhances mobility

Exercising is good for health as e-biking showcases great benefits for joint flexibility. Riding an e-bike is like riding a cycle in terms of physical strength and requires the functioning of the whole body to get from A to B point. The continuous motions in cycling encourage the continuous movement of legs and arms that augments core strength. It maintains good posture while making the entire body strong and mobile. If you are the kind of person who spends most of the time sitting and working on a laptop, then e-biking can prove to be extremely beneficial in enhancing joint flexibility and mobility in the long term.

Improves sleep and mood

Sleep is an integral part of our daily health routine. Its quality determines the number of activities that we can carry out throughout the day. Though all forms of moderate exercise promote sleep, e-biking is one of the most effective outdoor activities that promote quality of sleep, recharges the brain and recuperates the body. E-biking promotes the release of happy hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, which further alleviates the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Simply put, e-biking can uplift mood and improve the symptoms of depression while enhancing and regulating sleep. 

Encourages mindfulness

Riding an e-bike gives a sense of security that you are commuting on eco-friendly transport. It allows you to manage your thoughts and promotes the feeling of contributing to the environment by giving up on conventional vehicles that cause pollution. This promotes mental thoughts and takes off the feeling of sadness, leading to calmer thinking. E-bike pedalling engages the mind that does not give the rider time to think about irrelevant thoughts. This means the rider is constantly focusing on being in the present moment and action of exercising, reducing distractions from their mind. This keeps the rider calm and breaks the chain of distracting thoughts. 


E-Cycling has countless health benefits, and e-bikes have made it possible to commute longer distances while focusing on your fitness. It improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength and provides endurance to important joints and parts of the body. It is less impactful on the planet as contrary to other modes of transport, and could be an ideal solution in the present day of modern lifestyles.  

The author is Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at EMotorad.

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