Holding 4kg rifles, ‘BOLDs’ women perform drill at Attari- The New Indian Express

Express News Service

CHANDIGARH:  The Border Lion Drill Squad (BOLDs) of the Border Security Force (BSF), which primarily comprises women constables, is now a new attraction at the Joint Check Post (JCP) at the Attari border. They performed this electrifying 10-minute drill with the illustrious 303 rifles at the renowned beating retreat ceremony along the Radcliffe Line between India and Pakistan.

A total of 33 BSF troopers, including 20 female and eight male constables, take part in the exercise. This unusual practise begins with a group formation of five women standing in five lines in front, while the others are behind them in a marching formation. When the parade leader issues the command, the women 
march while swinging their.303 rifles, which weigh approximately 4.7 kg each.

The commander, a lady, issues the order “Thum” as they approach the main dais, and they then report to the chief guest. The team then creates at least 10 different formations, including the Victor formation, Diamond configuration, and X formation, among others. The drill’s main draw is that the BSF troopers build these formations while hurling and rotating their guns at one another.

Since each female trooper is carrying two guns at once, she swings one with her left hand and the other with her right. Additionally, during the march by, they hurl the rifles back into the air, where the lady constable behind them picks them up. The drill is a regular feature at Attari during weekend besides Republic Day, Independence Day, BSF Day and other important events.

Modu Dam the instructor of the drill said, “We trained these new lady recruits in 25 days The skills required are high level of physical fitness, agility and strength and the ability to control body movements effectively.”

BSF IG Punjab Frontier, Asif Jalal said, “The JCP at Attari is a show window of BSF where thousands of visitors visit daily to witness the world renowned ‘Retreat Ceremony’ between Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers. The exhibition of the magnificent drill and electrifying atmosphere makes it a must see destination for the visitors and inculcates a spirit of patriotism.’’