Golden Gate Xpress | A guide to free sexual health resources at SF State

Located in the Village at Centennial Square near City Eats, Health Promotion & Wellness has promoted student health since 2016. It offers students free supplies, resources and services. 

Condom Cart

The Condom Cart is a program that gives students the opportunity to make a “sexy bag” with their choice of condoms, lubes and other safe sex supplies. 

This semester, the cart has been brought out on a bi-weekly basis, rotating between two locations: outside of City Eats and the Gymnasium. 

Future Condom Cart location information will be made available on the HPW website starting in Spring 2023. Sexual Health Education Coordinator Taylor Davies also hopes the cart will be brought out on a weekly basis by then, as the campus expects more students. 

Students can visit the Condom Cart for its final appearance of the fall semester on Nov. 28 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. outside of City Eats. But the cart is always filled and set up inside their office for students to put a bag together anytime.

Condom Dispensers 

There are two Condom Dispensers on campus. One is located at the Mashouf Wellness Center across from the locker rooms. The other is located on the Plaza Level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, next to the ATMs. 

These dispensers are filled on a bi-weekly basis, with approximately 600 condoms being added. 

According to Davies, Condom Dispensers are the highest distribution points for safer sex supplies. 

“The transition to an almost full in-person campus has really reminded me, ‘Wow I’m going to have to order more of these!’” Davies said.

Condom Kits

As a quick grab-and-go alternative, students can pick up Condom Kits from the resource desk at the HPW Office. These kits are prepackaged and typically contain various condoms and lubes, as well as dental dams based on availability. 

For students who are unable to make it to the department’s office, Condom Kits can be sent to their residence for free by filling out this form. According to Davies, commuter students in surrounding cities mostly request this service. 

These supplies are also available for larger orders for workshops, classes, events, and organizations. To request supplies, fill out this form.

Menstrual supplies

In previous semesters, the department had the Menstruation Station program. This was similar to the Condom Cart, except pads, tampons and liners were available for students to take.

Despite the end of the Menstruation Station program, free menstrual products are still available. Prepackaged kits are offered at the resource desk and both bathrooms inside the department’s office. 

The department also distributes these products to other locations on campus for easy access. Students can request products at the front desk of the Mashouf Wellness Center and at the Student Activities & Events Center in Annex I.  

STI testing van

The STI testing van is partnered with the UCSF Alliance Health Project and offers sexually transmitted infection testing for a variety of infections. 

The STI tests include a fingerstick rapid test for HIV, a blood draw for syphilis and oral swabs for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Appointments are not required and the department recommends wearing a mask when using this service.

The final STI testing service of the semester will be on Wednesday, Nov. 30. The van will be parked in front of the Student Services Building.