Girl Born without Arms Conquers US Stage with Ballet Performance, Leaving People in Awe

Often, what makes us different from others gives us the power to chase our dreams and rise beyond our limitations. This couldn’t be more true for one girl born without upper limbs, who defied the odds and left everyone awestruck with her boundless talent and unswerving determination.

Vitória Bueno was born in the small rural town of Santa Rita Do Sapucai in Brazil. Because of a rare genetic condition that couldn’t be determined earlier, she was born without arms—something that shocked her mother. But she didn’t let anything dampen her strong spirits.

Growing up was a little cumbersome for Bueno, who sometimes became a spectacle for people in her small hometown. According to her mom, Wanda, there were instances when people from the neighborhood lined up outside their home to see little Bueno and would sometimes lift her sleeves to look at her.

The Vigilant Physiotherapist

But instead of dwelling on people’s insensitivity, Bueno focused on something else—her love for dancing. One day, her physiotherapist witnessed her dancing around the room and convinced her mother to take her to professional dance classes.

Her inspirational life story and enchanting moves gripped the jury members and the audience.

Her First Ballet Class & Performing Tasks With Her Feet

Bueno, who was only five years old then, was excited to go to her first ballet class with her mom. However, that didn’t stop the unnecessary attention and made Wanda all the more concerned for her daughter’s future. Her enrollment in dance school led to more speculations and criticism, but Bueno had her heart set on only one thing.

Over time, she learned to use her feet to perform tasks that hands would normally do, such as brushing her teeth, combing her hair, eating, drinking, tying her shoes, putting on her clothes, adjusting the blinds in her room, doing her own makeup and even embarking on shopping sprees.

Vitoria Bueno uses her feet to brush her teeth. | Source: News

Vitoria Bueno uses her feet to brush her teeth. | Source: News

Her Love for Ballet & Learning Other Dance Forms

And just like that, Bueno fell in love with dance. The art form became not only a means of self-expression but also helped her gain critical flexibility and muscular strength, thus enabling her to perform everyday chores more efficiently with her feet.

By the time she turned 16, Bueno had mastered the pirouettes of ballet and was ready to explore tap dance and jazz. Although her dream of becoming a dancer seemed like a far-fetched call, the teenager’s unwavering belief and unfaltering courage helped her beat the odds.

Vitoria Bueno uses her feet to drink. | Source: News

Vitoria Bueno uses her feet to drink. | Source: News

Having a Strong Support System & Sharing Her Journey

Through it all, Bueno said she was fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive network of people who encouraged her to keep going. “What made me not to give up was the people who are always by my side and supported me when I decided I wanted to dance,” she added.

When she took the stage, Bueno mesmerized people with her grace, elegance, and poise. She began documenting her exciting journey on social media, leaving her followers stunned with her awe-inspiring performances. Her passion for dance opened her eyes to a world of opportunities, as Bueno recalled:

“For me, arms, they’re just a detail. I follow with my eyes, as if they were there.”

Training With the Best & Earning Accolades

As her phenomenal story reached more people, Bueno was contacted by Thiago Soares, a Brazilian ballet dancer, choreographer, former principal dancer at The Royal Ballet in London, and guest principal dancer in several theatres around the world.

After receiving an invitation to perform with Soares and attend his private lessons, Bueno was thrilled and called working with him the realization of her heartfelt dream. But that wasn’t all. In 2021, the youngster competed in Germany’s Das Supertalent, winning a Golden Buzzer and being the runner-up.

Conquering the Stage & Finding Comfort in Dancing

The young ballerina, who had been performing for as long as she could remember, found solace and comfort in dancing. “I feel a very strong connection with my body when I’m dancing. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, or tap dance, I’m completely in the moment, as if nothing else matters,” said Bueno.

After garnering praise and appreciation from her home country and thousands of fans worldwide, Bueno conquered the stage at “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.” Her inspirational life story and enchanting moves gripped the jury members and the audience.

Vitoria Bueno has an emotional breakdown after performing at "America's Got Talent: All-Stars." | Source:

Vitoria Bueno has an emotional breakdown after performing at “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.” | Source:

Receiving Praise from the Audience & Jury Members

The Brazilian dancer’s remarkable performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges and the audience—a moment of immense pride and sheer joy. Bueno’s dance teacher, Mayara Falsarella, accompanied her on occasion and watched in awe as her beloved student took center stage.

Heidi Klum applauded the 18-year-old girl on her natural poise and beauty, while Simon Cowell called her an “All-Star” for her mesmerizing performance. Although the teenager didn’t make it to the final round, her resilience, determination, strength, and talent captivated countless hearts.

Bueno’s Wish & Words of Wisdom

Bueno’s passion for dancing took her places and enabled her to develop a profound sense of pride and joy by being herself. She hopes to take her love for dance forward and wishes for the world of ballet to become more inclusive, particularly for people like herself.

When asked what advice she would give others, Bueno replied, “I always like to leave a message to the people who have a dream, not just in dance but in any other area, for them to fight for their dreams. Dedicate yourself and chase your dreams with all your strength.”

A Great Example

Bueno’s story is a shining example for all those who doubt their strength and let fear take the best of them. As she puts it, “We are much bigger than our disabilities, so we have to chase our dreams.”

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