Get active in new year, but do it safely

We certainly have experienced a winter wonderland in northern Michigan as the year ended and now in this new year, warmer temperatures mean all that snow becomes water, ice and potentially mud.

Those conditions can bring obstacles to our New Year’s resolutions about getting and staying more active.

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital orthopedic surgeon Mark D’Angleo, D.O. shares that his office sees a large number of patients with injuries this time of year from trips and falls.

“Fractured wrists, ankles and hips are the most common ones that patients sustain and some of the injuries, particularly hip fractures can have a huge impact on a patient’s lifestyle,” Dr. D’Angelo said. “Using common sense, avoiding particularly slippery surfaces when possible and walking carefully and slowly on those surfaces , can keep patients out of the emergency department.” 

With the fluctuating temperatures and many of you planning to get in better shape and stay active, it’s important to do so safely. Runners and walkers need to be cautious and choose their footwear wisely, such as using non-slip devices like Yaktrax on their shoes or boots if there is the potential for ice. Skiers and snowboarders need to use caution when slopes become icy in the warmer conditions and make sure their edges are sharpened and wear proper protective gear.