From virtual fitness sessions to home gym: Top fitness trends for 2023 | Health

Maintaining physical and mental health is of utmost importance in today’s world. The idea of fitness is changing as people everywhere work to improve their quality of life. Fitness was long thought to be solely about physical attractiveness and weight loss. The introduction of a fatal epidemic completely changed the fitness business and gave rise to some fitness trends that have the potential to become quite popular. The fitness industry has acknowledged the need to adapt as the concept of health gains importance. Traditional diet and exercise programmes have always had a positive effect. However, more attention is being drawn to fitness activities that offer greater flexibility and freedom to explore. (Also read: Wellness Trends for 2023: From healing sound to cryotherapy, five holistic science-backed trends )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Aminder Singh, Founder and Fitness Expert, Team Aminder, suggested top fitness trends that will be everywhere in 2023.

1. Fitness gadgets

Fitness gadgets come first if we talk about the fitness trends in 2023! Variable technologies like smartwatches and fitness bands are going to take a big wave of change in the 2023 fitness trend list. It is the parameter that shows what your health concerns are. Also in 2022, people started calculating step counts. People are now more inclined to know how many calories they have burnt and how many steps they have covered. The countable calculations of the steps are one of the things, which is easily accessible to everyone, so people have actually started relying on fitness gadgets.

2. Online/virtual fitness session

Online training session/ virtual fitness session is going to be uptrend after the variable fitness gadgets. It is easy to access and one can easily connect with the trainer from wherever they are! Earlier people weren’t much aware of online training but now every second person or trainer chooses to prefer online training. It is easier to cover points on every aspect also it saves lots of time.

3. Weight training and strength building

In lockdown when people switched to lifting fewer weights at home now it is going to be the trend when people will re-load the bars at the gym. So, the weight training trend is going to be in streamlining this time because people are getting aware of this. Weight training has been a trend for decades, it is never coined down. But this time it is going to hit the trend wave because of people’s awareness in order to weight bearing, muscle loss, and bone density.

4. Certified fitness trainers’ specialization

Nowadays general public is getting aware and intelligent when it comes to fitness. They are looking for certified coaches or trainers. So, trainers have to upgrade their knowledge. Trainer’s specialization has increased. These days, trainers want to give their best which they were lacking giving before. It’s a two-way trend; people are aware because they are using social media now, then trainers can’t fool them, which means you have to upgrade yourself.

5. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities will also increase a lot. Because people want to go out to the park, in open areas to work out and, be socially available.

6. Shift from home theatre to home gym

The new houses which are coming up will always have a small gym inside. The older trend of having a home theatre at home will be shifted to having a home gym now.

7. Senior citizen awareness exercise

Senior citizen awareness exercises are witnessing an acceleration in the fitness industry. That means awareness is coming from their young counterparts because they are following fitness rigorously. So they are making their elder ones start with the same! This was not there before.

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