EXCLUSIVE – Right people around me helped me taste success – Varun Kapur, ex-World No 1 in Junior Rankings

Even in an individual sport like badminton, plenty of helping hands, that largely goes unnoticed, play a huge role in shaping a player’s career. In Varun Kapur’s case, who is the former number one player in the men’s junior world badminton ranking, was lucky to have the right people around him that helped him taste success at an early age.

Having attained the top spot after sacrifices, grind and sheer hard work, Varun knows what reaching at the top means and looks like. Though his introduction to badminton wasn’t scripted, his journey towards realising his potential and achieving that there is to be achieved could well is.

With a calm head over his shoulders and passion running through his veins, Varun plans to stay consistent and get better at what he does. The success will follow if he continues to believe in the mantra he preaches, which is to stay grounded and focused.

In an exclusive chat with WION, the upcoming superstar in the men’s singles category, Varun Kapur spoke in detail about his journey, where he did begin from, whom does he look up to, what does his schedule looks like and much more.

Talk us through your journey, how did you get into badminton?

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, and at the age of 7 I first picked up the racket and started playing badminton in the Saturday club. It started off as a recreational sport as my dad used to also play it in the evenings at the club. I just used to enjoy going to the club every alternative day after my school and used to enjoy playing badminton.

How was it to become number 1 in the men’s junior world badminton ranking?

The journey to the number 1 spot was the really enjoyable one. It was full of hard work, consistency, and it showed that all of that does pay off. I was really lucky to have the right people around me – be it my coaches, my family, friends, and they played a really important role throughout that.

How did you feel upon becoming only the fourth Indian to achieve this feat?

It was really great feeling for me to take the number one spot in the junior world ranking. But it’s really important for me not to get carried away, and stay motivated and stay focused throughout this journey, as it’s really important to give my best and fulfil my potential in the senior rankings also.

Whom do you see as your competition?

The competition in men’s singles is tough, both nationally and internationally. But it’s important for me to stay focused and analyse from the mistakes I made in the past and improve on them, so that I don’t repeat them.

What does your training schedule looks like?

My training schedule throughout the week from Monday to Friday includes court sessions from 8-10 in the morning and then 1-10 in the afternoon. Before the first (8-10) session, I have one hour fitness session which includes either gym or endurance training.

What are you ambitions going forward?

My ambitions are very simple. It’s important for me to stay focused, stay consistent and keep improving every day. This is important why because this will really help me fulfil my potential.

Who is that one player you look up to?

One of the players I really looked up to since the start of my journey in Badminton was Chinese player, Lin Dan. Ever since I started watching the sport when I was around 8 or 9, the first player I saw on TV was Lin Dan, and he’s been a really big part of the way I play and he’s been a bog inspiration to me.