Despite Lebron James and Anthony Davis Averaging 34PPG Over a 10-Game Stretch, Lakers’ Horrible Performance Cause for Concern

The Los Angeles Lakers have two offensive monsters in their ranks: LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Despite having separate stretches of 34 PPG, the duo’s ranking is by far one of the worst. They’ve failed to rise above 12th since the day of the preseason ending.

LeBron and AD have scored 34 PPG in 10-game stretches, with Bron dropping insane 40-point double-doubles even on his 38th birthday. Anthony Davis, for a month, played like he was the second coming of Dennis Rodman mixed with Hakeem Olajuwon.

Despite scoring 680 points on their own, their supporting cast has let them down. Austin Reaves and Lonnie Walker try their best, but players like Patrick Beverley, Cole Swider, and Wenyen Gabriel are not going to win you championships.

The merry band of 3-6-0 may have to be broken up, despite lofty promises. They need to be separated for their good as well as the team’s sake because the Lakers are getting nowhere with their leadership.

It is so sad that people don’t turn on their TVs to watch the Lakers dominate. It’s because they want to see a 38-year-old man fail. The armchair coaches will love this situation!

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LeBron James is going strong even at 38 – Will Jeanie Buss provide him some actual help?

Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka have set the team up to fail. There is no other way of putting it since Darwin Ham has more losses than wins with the purple and gold. A horrific start offset by an imperious 8-2 run saw the Los Angeles team claw back up the rankings, only for them to slip up again.

How many teams with championship aspirations have players who are as inconsistent as the Lakers? Just watch the Golden State Warriors from the season gone by, or the Bucks before that. They have an amazing roster set up to support their star cast.

The Lakers have their stars surrounded by impending black holes. At any given point in the game, someone is threatening to implode. You can only have multiple 0-point games and be a starter on the Lakers.

There is no help; this team is a play-in team at best.

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Can Anthony Davis ever stay fit for most of the season?

They won the championship in the only season Anthony Davis and LeBron James played together for a long stretch. The Lakers won the first championship of the decade in 2020, a year marked by many upheavals. Much of it came because AD was healthy.

LeBron has also shown signs of aging, if only through his health. His level of play remains the same; it’s only that he cannot do it for long periods. Even his record right now is in peril because there is every chance he pulls an adductor or sprains his ankle again.

Scoring 34 ppg for 10 games at a stretch is not a joke; LeBron loves making a mockery of the status quo. Yet despite having two separate streaks and the 6th Man of the Year in Russell Westbrook, they still sit in 13th place.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a mess, and their big three cannot save them.

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