“Common Arnold W” – Fans react to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘meme marketing’

Arnold Schwarzenegger, considered one of the most successful bodybuilders of his time, is no stranger to the Mr. Olympia title. The Austrian Oak has claimed the prestigious award a record seven times. Only Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney have bettered that by winning eight.

Schwarzenegger is now 75 years old but still works out, although not rigorously due to his age and health condition. On Tuesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a meme speaking about his e-book. Along with the meme, the Governator wrote the following caption:

“Kids these days. Listen to the experts, get the free e-book at the link in my bio and hit the gym and lift each other up.”

In the meme posted by Arnold, we see a teenager starting a conversation with a bodybuilder. The teenager writes that he has begun training at the gym, is doing exceptionally well, and doesn’t need any help. In the following image, a professional bodybuilder asks the teenager to slow down and insists that even pro bodybuilders need extra help.

The final image of the meme shows another bodybuilder talking about Arnold’s e-book. The meme says:

“I love the positivity, gentlemen! Check out this new E-book from Arnold. I think it’s a great place to start when it comes to setting goals and staying in shape.”

In response to the meme posted by Arnold about his e-book, one of his followers wrote:

“Common Arnold W.”

This comment alone has garnered 2353 likes so far. The link to get the free e-book is available on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Instagram bio.

Fans and followers react to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s meme about his e-book

Once Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the meme about his e-book, fans and followers responded to the post. Some of the reactions have been attached below:

The seven-time Fitness Model of the Year title winner and four-time Mr. Natural Universe title winner Mike O’Hearn wrote:

“❤️ win 🏆 @patrickschwarzenegger made pops page.”

One of the followers wrote:

“W marketing.”

Another follower of Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote:

“Oddly enough positivity just discouraged me, I operate better on high impact constructive criticism when I’m at the gym.”

Yet another follower of the Governator wrote:

“The one true king still showing us the way 🙏”

Another follower of the former bodybuilder wrote:

“😂 Very good! 👍”

Another follower of Arnold jokingly posted a catchphrase often used by the eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner Ronnie Coleman.

“Just yell lightweight and yeah buddy. Easy 6 pack”

A few more reactions from fans and followers are attached below:

“I’ve been reading body building books by Arnold for years. Who else would you listen to?”

“This is 100 times better because Arnold posted it.”

“Thanks Arnold brah. I won’t let you down.”

“That’s how u do marketing.”

“How to reach young people done right.”

“You are a legend bro, just bought The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding, can’t wait to read it.”

“Woohooo!!! Thanks for all you do to share your wealth of knowledge in bodybuilding. ❤️🙌”

“I remember your bodybuilding encyclopedia back in the day. Learned everything from that book and trained/stayed in shape for the past 15 years because of it.”

“Funny i have been training a couple of months now and i wanted to improve my training so i got 2 of your books, great work! 💪🏾”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s meme marketing was well-received by some of his followers and fans. Despite retiring from bodybuilding several years ago, he still works out and encourages others to do the same and stay healthy.