Summa Health opens $84 million behavioral health pavilion to support importance of mental health

CLEVELAND, Ohio — When it was clear in recent years that Summa Health’s expanding behavioral health unit had outgrown its home inside the 1920s-era Summa St. Thomas Hospital, the health system faced a choice. It could downsize the unit, or spread its programs across multiple buildings. Summa chose instead to support and acknowledge the importance … Read more

Are social media companies to blame for youth mental health crisis? It’s complicated – GeekWire

Social media apps. (Jeremy Zero Photo via Unsplash) Lawsuits filed by two Washington state school districts allege that major social media companies including Meta, TikTok, YouTube and others are driving a youth mental health crisis. The districts are suing the social media titans for damages to help pay for the growing demand for mental health … Read more

Cross-Agency Partnership Explores the Intersection Between Nutrition Security and Behavioral Health and Wellness

Posted by Gina O’Brian, USDA Food and Nutrition Service Regional Lead Nutritionist in Food and Nutrition Nutrition Security Jan 12, 2023 The USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s Mountain Plains Region is in year three of a collaborative partnership with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) … Read more

Wellness Check: Mental Health | 2 Minute Medicine

Loneliness is associated with new onset mental health problems 1. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, loneliness at baseline was associated with new onset of depression. 2. Additionally, there was a positive association between loneliness and both anxiety and self-harm. Evidence Rating Level: 1 (Excellent) Research suggests that those with longstanding mental health disorders are … Read more

Neuroimaging can identify symptoms of mental health disorders: Study | Health

Researchers found that neuroimaging technology has great promise in assisting clinicians in the identification of specific symptoms of mental health disorders that are associated with abnormal patterns of brain activity. According to a new Yale-led study, there are still some kinks to work out before doctors can translate brain images to psychiatric disorders like post-traumatic … Read more

Top mental health benefits of cooking at home

If you often order food from a nearby restaurant then it’s time to stop doing that. Cooking at home has many benefits like you end up eating healthier, you don’t waste much food and you save money. Turns out that cooking is good for mental health too. Some lean on music or driving or swimming … Read more

Greene looking at student mental health within schools

CARROLLTON — The Greene County Health Department will be working with the three county school districts to help create programs that address mental health issues for students and staff.  Health Department Administrator Molly Peters said the department received a grant to help fund programs and projects to address mental health in the Carrollton School District.  … Read more

Climate change can affect mental health

“Climate change is projected to cause 83 million excess deaths by 2100.” Statistics such as this depict a grim future for humanity and the planet alike, and are more frequently being shared across news networks, social media platforms and stream-able documentaries. The reality of these projections can negatively affect individuals’ mental health, and threatens to … Read more