Bradford Slimming World consultant on her 13st weight loss

SARAH Jones tried many ways to lose weight – from cutting down on portions to exercise, even listening to CDs said to help you think yourself slim.

But she did all this in secret, without telling anyone she was trying to lose weight because of her fear of failure and being judged for her size.

When Sarah, 51, joined a Slimming World group in July 2017, she didn’t tell anyone as she never really believed she could lose weight and maintain a weight loss.

Slimming World research shows Sarah isn’t alone: more than half of slimmers have dieted ‘in secret’ – many because of a fear of failure, just like Sarah.

A Slimming World study of 2,000 adults trying to slim found that even of those who are open about losing weight, 83per cent have embarked on a weight loss attempt on their own.

The results show that going it alone isn’t an easy route to weight loss success. Says Sarah: “I quickly realised that the support I got from the Slimming World Consultant and fellow members spurred me on to my own success and at no time did I ever feel judged or humiliated by anyone”.

Sarah stepped off the scales on her very first group at 23st 10.5lb and a size 24/26.

Her first week weight loss was 8.5lb and she had almost lost a stone by her second week.

It was only then, when she started to believe in herself and that she could lose weight, that she told her family and friends of her weight loss plans.

“It was the accountability of the weekly private weigh-in that was a factor in my success,” says Sarah.

Since joining the group, at Idle Baptist Church, she hasn’t shied away from telling anyone about her weight loss journey.

By February 2019 Sarah had slimmed down by an incredible 13 stone – a weight loss she says she couldn’t have done without the support of fellow group members and Consultant.

Slimming World has more than 50 years of weight loss expertise. Consultants know that losing weight isn’t easy – if it was, they say, so many people wouldn’t struggle – and that’s where the support of a group is crucial.

“Becoming part of a community of like-minded people, who face the same challenges and are on the same journey as each other, who support, inspire and motivate each other is powerful,” says Sarah.

It was that support network that helped her feel valued, less isolated and played a fundamental role in her making positive lifestyle changes.

“In group you get support to take control and change your mindset when it comes to food,” she adds.

“Members learn to understand themselves more deeply at group, make sustainable changes and set their goals they can achieve. They never feel judged but always feel valued and understood.”

Now Sarah has become a Slimming World Consultant and a Slimming World Team Developer, and supports members in her groups and fellow consultants in her team.

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