Basecamp Fitness is Bringing its Hyper-Condensed High-Intensity Workout to Fruit Cove with Membership Presale Beginning January 3

Become a Founding Member Today at Basecamp’s Second Florida Location and Receive a 30 Percent Discount

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Basecamp Fitness, a hyper-condensed high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that packs 55 minutes of supercharged exercise into only 35, has launched a month-long presale special for its second Florida studio opening in Fruit Cove at 465 State Rd 13, Suite 11. Beginning January 3, founding members will receive 30 percent off their membership, giving them access to coach-led group sessions that feature heart-pumping cardio and strength training that keeps muscles guessing. Offered to the first 100 members, the Phase 1 discounts of the presale are guaranteed for the lifetime of the membership and will not be made available again.

Known for its fitness-friendly community, the greater Jacksonville area has been a priority market for Basecamp since the launch of its franchise development program in 2020. Additionally, the city has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with many millennial residents establishing roots. As such, Basecamp’s concept fits with the evolving demographics of the market and provides a differentiated HIIT workout for residents looking to transform in a quicker amount of time.

“We are excited to introduce Basecamp’s unique HIIT concept to Greater Jacksonville with our newest studio in Fruit Cove. The opening continues our brand’s expansion across the state of Florida, and we look forward to bringing additional studios to the area,” said Ben Camper, president, Basecamp Fitness. “Like all of our locations across the country, we are confident that the Basecamp workout will resonate with the Fruit Cove community.”

Throughout the duration of the 35-minute session, participants rotate every 60 seconds between an air bike and strength training exercises with an optional 10-minute cool-down available at the end of each workout, including a variety of core exercises. No two workouts are the same, with each session developed by a national team and strength exercises featuring an ever-changing mashup of TRX, kettle bells, weights, medicine balls and body weight moves. Each workout is designed to tone, define and add mass to members’ muscle tissue.

To help motivate members to reach their fitness journey goals, Basecamp’s Fruit Cove staff will celebrate individual, and group wins accordingly, providing shout outs and swag for milestones accomplished. Members will also be encouraged to track their progress through Basecamp’s mobile app, allowing them to monitor their results and health data. Additionally, members can use the app to schedule classes and stay connected with the Basecamp community in real time.  

“With each workout being completed in 35 minutes, Basecamp is an intensity training experience unlike any other. The workout drives our members to crush their fitness goals by taking them through fast and effective sessions that can easily fit into their busy schedules,” said Austin Wright, co-owner of the Fruit Cove studio. “Basecamp naturally creates a welcoming environment by uniting those who work hard, sweat hard and celebrate wins together. We can’t wait to provide Fruit Cove residents the opportunity to experience it themselves. Our presale for the studio is now available, and we look forward to opening our doors later this year.”

Scheduled to begin classes in March, the new Basecamp will be open for presale registration from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. With the presale offer, founding members can access unlimited workouts for $149 per month, eight workouts monthly for $97 per month or four workouts monthly for $79 per month. To join, please visit

About Basecamp Fitness
Basecamp Fitness is the all-in, high-intensity group workout that packs 55 minutes of supercharged calorie burn into just 35. (*Based on a comparison of the Metabolic Equivalent (MET) for Basecamp Fitness HIIT classes versus published MET for generic HIIT classes.) Alternating between heart-thumping cardio on the air bike, to strength moves on the floor that will keep muscles guessing, the workout unites those who love to push hard, sweat hard and celebrate wins together. Additionally, an optional 10 minutes follows each workout and features a wide array of core exercises, which means participants benefit from intense cardio, strength training and abdominal training during every session. Members also get access to Basecamp’s proprietary app allowing them to conveniently monitor and validate their Basecamp workout, results and health data, schedule classes, and stay connected with their community all in real-time from one device. For more information on Basecamp Fitness, please visit

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