Autumn Reviews – Personal Vitamin Supplements Plan Worth It? Free Kit?

It is common for most people to get over-the-counter medications when they are not feeling well. These medications may not help or treat your problem. This is why it is essential to stop making guesses about your health and seek proven solutions to improve it.

At times you may find that you lack essential vitamins and minerals in the body, which can cause health problems. Over-the-counter medications may not provide you with all the minerals you need, but with an Autumn Saliva Kit,you will feel more confident with your vitamins and supplements.

A team of experts created the 415 billion combinations that an Autumn Saliva Kit offers to ensure users get the opportunity to optimize their health. Read on to discover how it works and how the kit can help you boost your health.

What is Autumn?

Autumn is a personalized and accurate testing kit that will help optimize your memory, brain, heart, bone, and joint health. In other words, it enables you to take control of your body from the inside out so that you can live a life free of pain and worry. Once you use the Autumn Saliva Kit, the experts behind this FDA-approved saliva collection kit system will take a look at the 500 plus health indicators to ensure you get a personalized plan for your health.

They will then recommend the best supplements and vitamins that your body needs. With this saliva kit, you will also sleep better and feel more energized, your immune system will improve, and your stress levels will be lowered. The Autumn Salvia Kit ensures that all your information will be kept HIPPA-safe and confidential.

The results take just four days, and Autumn Saliva Kits are US laboratory tested for effectiveness. They are also vegan-friendly and non-GMO, with no adverse side effects from using the Kit.


How Does Autumn Work?

Autumn is a one-of-a-kind system that allows you to quickly and accurately improve your overall health. The supplement kit has been formulated using custom-formulated high-quality ingredients and has everything you need for accurate results. The saliva kit allows you to take control of your health in the following ways;

Step 1: Understand Your Body Better

In the first step, you will need to take the lifestyle quiz provided by the experts. Once you have all the answers required, upload your results or use the confidential saliva collection kit for accurate results. The team will handle the rest so that you get the best minerals and vitamins for your health.

Step 2: Get the Supplements and Vitamins that Your Body Needs
The experts choose your personalized vitamins and supplements from 415 billion possible vitamin combinations to ensure you feel confident and satisfied with your health.

Step 3: Feel Better with Confidence

Once you get your vitamins, take them daily to improve and manage your health. With time you will feel significant improvements in your health.

How does it work
How does it work

Possible Combination of Vitamins You Might Get

Without the necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements, your health can drastically deteriorate. The well-rounded team behind Autumn has formulated the best science-backed bioavailable products. Some of them include the following;

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a well-known micronutrient for boosting tissue health, immune function, growth, and development. The vitamin is believed to also help in improving sleep and energy while promoting nail, hair, and skin health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is very potent and contributes significantly to immune function and skin health. It is suitable for healthy aging, heart health, energy, and better sleep.

Vitamin E

This is yet another antioxidant that helps in cellular damage and cell repair. It is an excellent vitamin for improving immunity and cardiovascular health. Vitamin E can help in healthy aging, bone and joint health, heart health, and healthy inflammatory response.


B-Complex is another vitamin usually overlooked, but it has the power to improve your energy, mood, cognition, and nervous system. The vitamin is also ideal for hair, skin, and nail health, bone, and joint health, mood and stress, and general wellness.


This is another mineral your body may need for improved energy and sleep. The body does not produce calcium, making it an essential mineral. Calcium boosts heart, bone, muscle, and nervous system health. Besides that, it is also suitable for weight management, hair, skin, nails, strength, and fitness.

Ginger Extract

Ginger is a common herb that has been used for centuries to treat and improve various health conditions, like digestion and immunity. The compound is also excellent for healthy aging and weight management.

Other Vitamins, Minerals, and Herb Combinations

Vitamin B12: for memory and brain health

Zinc: Boosts the immune system and balance

Omega-3: Promotes a healthy inflammatory response

Milk Thistle: Improves digestion

Garlic Extract: For heart health and digestion

CoQ10: Brain, memory, sleep, energy, and heart health

Digestive Enzymes: Weight management, digestive health, and overall wellness

L-Carnitine: Building proteins, exercise recovery, weight management, and decreased mental fatigue, inflammation, and heart health.

Marine collagen peptides: Supports skin collagen levels, skin hydration, joint health, and cardiovascular functions.

Melatonin: Regulates circadian rhythm, sleep cycles, healthy inflammatory response, overall health, and longevity.

Curcumin: For digestive health, it reduces oxidative stress, promotes a healthy inflammatory response, and improves performance and mood.

Mushroom Brain Support: A specialized blend of mushrooms of Lions Mane, Chaga that targets brain health and the growth of brain cells and cognition. Both mushrooms produce anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity to support healthy aging, mood, and stress.

Resveratrol: Improves heart health, reduces inflammation, improves cognition, weight management, skin health, and healthy aging.

Mushroom Immune Blend: This mushroom blend supports the immune system in multiple ways. Reishi works on white blood cells, with Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms stimulating cellular and humoral immune function. The potent anti-oxidant phytochemicals work to prevent damage to the cells to support healthy aging.

What do Customers Say About the Saliva Kits by Autumn?

Autumn Saliva Collection Kit allows one to get only the supplements and herbs they need and provides accurate results. Many customers say they have gotten it right on the first try, which means a lot to them. Here are a few testimonials from verified customers;

Coby C. says that there are vitamins and supplements in the report that he didn’t know of their benefits. He was surprised at how spot-on the recommendations were for his goals and genetic differences. He is happy and highly recommends Autumn to everyone.

Stacey S. says, “I got the Autumn report, printed it off, and brought it to my doctor. I was surprised that her feedback was so supportive. I think I even made her a customer.”

What do customers get when they make a purchase?

Each Autumn Saliva Kit comes with everything needed to get started:

●    Pre-Paid Postage To Lab Partner

●    Step-by-Step Instruction Manual

●    A Unique Barcode That’s Pasted

●    Sterilized Tube Container

●    Specimen Bag For Collection

●    Secure Airtight Tube and Cap

To view your test results, customers are given access to a secure portal for viewing. The Autumn Saliva test results are based on an algorithm designed by medical and scientific practitioners made up of Pharmacists, Geneticists, Physicians, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Dieticians to reveal:

Vitamin and Supplements: General Info, Health Impact Categories, Food Sources, Bonus Facts, Nutritional Facts, and more.

Health markers: Which indicators were related to the vitamin and supplements, and what your test revealed.

Lifestyle: Which answers you gave applied to the specific vitamin and supplement.

Research: A complete report on the company’s relevant research that supports the findings, their recommendations, and the information provided.


Autumn Pricing

The vitamins, minerals, and herbs recommended by Autumn experts will help you improve your overall health and feel good about yourself.

Get started with the Autumn Saliva Collection Kit and upload your current results , which are all free and can be printed and shared with your doctor. Customers can make a one-time purchase and are billed for the order at that time or register for a monthly subscription plan.

Customers can choose from DNA kit analysis methods in two price options and a personal one-month supply of supplements. Both options come with free shipping, a dispenser, and a free report:

●    I Have DNA Results to Upload $14.99 and is Ancestry and is 23 & Me Compatible

●    I Need a DNA Saliva Collection Kit $59.99 A Confidential At-Home Tes

●    Personalized 30-day Supply $79.99 / Delivered Monthly

●    Personalized Report / Free

●    Countertop Dispenser / Free

The Autumn company will send personalized packs once a month or each time customers order for one-time purchases; all customers can modify their subscriptions or cancel their orders.

To reach out to the company, customers can send an email or give them a call at:

●    Email: [email protected]

●    Customer Service Phone: 1-866-728-8866

The company does not issue refunds because each plan is personalized, and purchases are non-refundable. However, the company does understand that particular circumstances may apply and to speak with customer service.


To get started on a path to excellent health and use only the supplements your body needs instead of the endless purchasing of products that do not improve your health, try Autumn. The company uses a personalized saliva test, health indicator results, and a lifestyle quiz to determine what your body needs to improve health.

Because we all make lifestyle choices that change, customers have the option to retake their lifestyle quiz for updated wellness regimes. To purchase Autumn, visit the official website.


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