Anadrol Bodybuilding – Anadrol Side effects – What is Anadrol – Anadrol Oxymetholone

A few users report Anadrol causing mood swings and making them feel depressed. This could be due to the strength and toxic nature of the steroid i.e. the combination of strain on the liver as well as water retention, along with the high pressure in blood.

For some people Anadrol isn’t likely to give an euphoric feeling that is constant in comparison the euphoria of Dianabol as an instance. It is due to the fact that Anadrol is the most harsh steroid, and the adverse effects are more severe.

However, people who have a genetic disposition that favors Anadrol may experience an increase in well-being because of the significant growth of exogenous testosterone.

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Note The fluctuations in wellbeing can also be influenced by dose.

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Is Anadrol Secure?

Anadrol is approved by the FDA within the United States for the treatment of anemia. Therefore, when it is given under the supervision of a physician, Oxymetholone is deemed safe.

But bodybuilders who are taking Anadrol are at risk since they are believed to be healthy and who are doing it in a non-medical context. This makes it possible to abuse of Anadrol by taking high doses or overuse of cycles.

Additionally, when Anadrol is used in recreation settings it’s not 100% certain that it is Oxymetholone because of the fact that it is purchased from an underground market.

Even though Anadrol already being FDA approved yet it’s still one of the most harsh steroids for bodybuilding, so the use of extreme caution is recommended.

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Anadrol for women

Because men suffer androgenic effects of Anadrol, some believe it has virilization-related side effects on women. The effects include:

  • A more deep voice
  • The enlargement of the Clitoral
  • Body hair
  • Hair reduction (on the scalp)
  • Masculine facial characteristics (including the more prominent jawline)

But, studies show that Anadrol is an very feminine drug, and has very little affinity to masculine negative effects.

Study: Female HIV patients with chronic cachexia were given 100-150 mg of Anadrol daily over thirty weeks ( 18). This is a huge dose according to standards of bodybuilding and a tough cycle.

However, virilization was not observed to occur in any women. The only adverse effects that were observed were a lack sexual desire and fatigue that increased. In contrast to males, females did not suffer from adverse effects from hypertension or androgenic as well.

There are two reasons the reason Anadrol doesn’t cause female virilization. In the first place, masculinization is most often seen during the time when testosterone levels are elevated while estrogen levels remain lower. Anadrol is a androgenic drug but it’s also extremely estrogenic. It can prevent the ratio from becoming unbalanced.

Another reason that Anadrol is a good choice for females is because of its lower affinity in it binds in the presence of SHBG ( 19). The high levels of sex hormone binding globulin don’t make a good female companion, since it triggers females’ hormones that are naturally produced testosterone production to go into free or not bound.

Contrary to this, Winstrol binds tightly to SHBG and causes strong masculine side effects on women. Winstrol is also not converted into estrogen, which creates an ideal environment for the virilization process.

Anavar can be an extremely popular steroid for women. However in clinical settings, Anavar is still able to cause more virilization at higher doses.

Steroid expert Bill Roberts (Ph.D.) says in his personal experience that

“5mg in Anavar is about the same as to 25mg Anadrol to increase the an increased risk of sexual virilization”.

He also suggests dividing the dosages of Anadrol over the day instead of taking 25 mg in one dose.

In a different study, women received Oxymetholone to treat anemia and bone marrow dysfunction ( 20). The initial dose was of 1 mg per kilogram, after which it was increased in monthly increments of 50% until they reached 100 mgper day. Each female received an amount of at least 50mg of Anadrol daily.

The study only had mild side effects identified. The study only had four women who study had small changes in virilization even though they were given massive doses. The side effects were reversed when they stopped taking Anadrol.

12.5mg-25mg is considered an effective dose for women who want to see substantial muscle and strength gains with Anadrol. These are low doses when compared to studies referenced above, further preventing possibility of the virilization process.

Women must also be cautious about the liver’s toxicity when using Anadrol. So, women should take supplements with TUDCA and stay clear of drinking alcohol.

Is Anadrol Legal?

Anadrol is a prohibited drug to take (for reasons of bodybuilding) in the majority of countries, unless an order from a physician is made to treat medical reasons.

Within the U.S, Anadrol is classed as a controlled substance in accordance with the controlled substances act.

Therefore, the act of buying or selling Anadrol could lead to prison time if you are caught. Being in possession Anadrol (or any other steroids) could lead to one year of prison and a fine as low as $1,000. The length of prison and fines can be increased when a repeat offender is involved.

Selling steroids could result in as long as 5 years of prison and the possibility of a fine of $250,000. This applies for first time offenders. The penalty for imprisonment and fines could be doubled if a second offense is committed.

Anadrol is legal to purchase within Mexico as well as Thailand (despite the fact that it is classified as an “S controlled substance” in Thailand).

Anadrol Results Before and After Transformation

Due to Anadrol’s shorter esters, it begins to work extremely quickly. People often notice its potent effects in the first few days.

As stated previously, a single cycle of Anadrol will produce the equivalent of 30lbs in weight loss, and 60 pounds of strength increase on the three major compound lifts. Further cycles could result in greater results, especially when it is stacked with other steroids.

Here are some results of bodybuilder who used Anadrol along with Deca Durabolin for 1 year.

In the picture on the left (above), the bodybuilder states that he was already taking SARMs, thus a user may experience even bigger gains than his if they transition from natural to taking Anadrol regularly.

From natural to using Anadrol

Huge back gains

As you can observe the muscles of his have grown up in size after he began the use of Anadrol along with Deca Durabolin. The guy hasn’t gained much weight however his muscles appear smoother and more puffy because of some water retention.

These remarkable results are normal after just a few cycles of Anadrol.

Are Anadrol’s effects permanent?

Anadrol’s muscle gains that are lean muscles gains that are experienced with Anadrol can last for years. Around half of the weight user can gain from Anadrol is likely to be muscle lean (the remainder is water).

For instance, if a person is able to gain 35lbs after a 6-week cycle, about 20lbs will be muscle that is lean (which will be left when the steroid is removed).

To improve endurance post-cycle, use an effective post-cycle rehabilitation program and keep training to the maximum. If a person does not lift weights, the gains in lean muscle due to Anadrol will decrease.

Injectable Anadrol vs Orals

Many people believe that by using injectable Anadrol, you will not stress your liver.

It is however false. While it can bypass the liver when it enters the bloodstream, it’s going to be required to go through the liver after exiting your body.

Therefore, it is thought the injectable version of Anadrol may be less harmful to the liver than oral Anadrol. However it can still cause strain to the liver.

Injectable Anadrol ensures that you are receiving 100percent of real dose since it’s not being broken into smaller pieces by the liver.

In the case of oral steroids, they are C-17 alpha-alkylated, which means the majority of the steroid stays active. However, your body will not utilize all of the dose.

Additionally, injectable Anadrol is more difficult to obtain of than oral Anadrol which is why there isn’t any substantial advantage to using injectable Anadrol instead of oral Anadrol, besides the slight decrease in strain on the liver.

Note that liver strain isn’t necessarily a problem with Anadrol when an average dose is used.

Anadrol Dosage

Male bodybuilders typically use 50-100 mg of Anadrol every day during between 4 and 8 weeks..

A good dose for women seeking to build muscles will be 12.5-25mg per day for 4-6 weeks.

Because Anadrol’s half-life is short that is 5-9 days ( 21) dosages must be divided in a regular manner all day. Anadrol generally comprises pills with doses of 50mg and, therefore, with the pill cutter, you could take two doses per day.

Important Anadrol pills are fat-soluble, so eating them along with food can lower their effectiveness and cause adverse outcomes. Therefore, to get the best results use Anadrol on an empty stomach.

The higher the dosage the higher the dose, the more adverse consequences a person will be experiencing. Anything higher than 100mg can dramatically increase the severity of adverse effects, with little value in terms of the results.

Anadrol Stacks & Cycles

Anadrol is typically packed with strong injectable steroids including Testosterone, Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone.

These stacks can lead to more strength and mass gains but they also have more negative effects. The combination of multiple steroids can increase testosterone suppression, cholesterol levels in blood pressure.

Since Anadrol is a aggressive steroid, it would be more beneficial to combine it with an injectable mild steroid like Deca Durabolin in contrast to Trenbolone. Testosterone can also be used.

As with Dianabol Anadrol, too, can be used in isolation with excellent results, especially when the user is newbie to Oxymetholone.

After building up tolerance to Anadrol through cycling it for a while, they can stack other steroids alongside Anadrol.

Here are a few examples of Anadrol cycle examples that bodybuilders are using today.

Anadrol-Only Cycle

This cycle is designed for those who are new to the world of Anadrol before. While Anadrol isn’t typically advised for newcomers however, this particular cycle might be acceptable due to smaller doses.

Anadrol Only Cycle (Experienced Users)

The above cycle has been designed for experienced users of steroids which is why it has a higher dose and longer duration.

Anadrol, and Testosterone Cycle

Anadrol as well as testosterone are among the best combos you can stack to build strength, size and mass. This stack is for those who have experience. When you add testosterone and estrogen, the risk of developing gynecomastia rises dramatically due to increased estrogen levels. Therefore, it is recommended to use a SERM during this period, like Nolvadex.

The SERMS (selective estrogen receptor modulators) basically block estrogen’s effects directly within tissues of the breast, thereby stopping the development of Gyno.

Anadrol / Testosterone / Trenbolone Cycle

Note this cycle is used only by highly experienced steroid users.

This is an extremely intense cycle for massive increases in strength and mass. Rich Piana hailed it as his ” best ever cycle” ( 22). The exact testosterone used by him is Sustanon 250 as well as Trenbolone Acetate. He did say that he didn’t use this cycle as it’s extremely taxing to the body.

This cycle is extremely androgenic and estrogenic. Therefore, bodybuilders often use the AI (aromatase inhibit) to lessen testosterone’s estrogenic effects. It is typically Letrozol as well as Anastrozol. A SERM, such as Nolvadex, can also be used to block from the stimulation direct of estrogen by the mammary gland (from Anadrol).

Regular cardio exercises should be carried out throughout the course of this program to lower blood pressure. However, avoid food items with high sodium or stimulants.

It’s hard to prevent androgenic effects from arising However, these effects don’t cause any harm for a man’s health like male pattern baldness, acne, or.

There’s no combination of steroids that could provide the same amount power and strength as this one. It is also one of the most dangerous cycle for adverse consequences.

Anadrol PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

You’ll definitely need to implement a reliable post-cycle therapy following the use of Anadrol as testosterone levels will be drastically diminished, which can affect mental wellbeing the energy levels, libido, and gains.

To recover the endogenous testosterone production rapidly An aggressive PCT protocol must be implemented. This is especially important when a person is stacking Anadrol along with other anabolic steroids.

This would be an effective strategy

  • HCG hCG 2000 IU given every every day, for 20 consecutive days
  • Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) 2 20 mg each for 45 days
  • Clomiphene (Clomid) – 2 x 50mg for 30 days

The PCT was developed in the lab of the Dr. Michael Scally, a specialist in the field of hormone replacement. The trio of medications is efficient in treating 19 males who have lower testosterone level (from using the anabolic steroids).

Within 45 days of the use of this PCT, all males’ testosterone levels were restored to their normal levels.

Doctor. Scally has treated over 100 patients with hypogonadism which has given him specialized expertise and knowledge in this field.

A PCT will begin when Anadrol has left the patient’s body. This can be determined by using Anadrol’s half-life (8-9 hours). To determine the time that the drug has gone from the body, multiply the half-life times 5.5 which gives us the following figure: 5.5 x 9 hours.

Therefore, a PCT for Anadrol is recommended to begin 49.5 hours following taking the previous dose. If you are taking other drugs with Anadrol, you have to determine when they will also be removed from your body. In this situation, begin your PCT once the previous drug has been eliminated from your system i.e. the one that has longer half-life.

Utilizing this powerful PCT that is a powerful PCT, endogenous testosterone production is typically restored within two months.

Where can bodybuilders purchase Anadrol?

Anadrol is a banned substance in many countries, and bodybuilders are required to buy it on an underground market.

Anadrol can be purchased in a local shop or at a pharmacy only in countries where it’s completely legal (i.e. Mexico).

Bodybuilders usually purchase Anadrol from people whom they are familiar with or via an online store. There are two possible grades, namely the pharmaceutical grade and underground labs.

Pharma grade Anadrol was developed by scientists in a laboratory to treat medical conditions. So when you buy Pharma-grade, it is genuine. It can be bought on the black market , if you have been prescribed Anadrol to treat their anemia. In the event that they don’t have their medication, they might choose to market it.

Underground laboratories Anadrol basically means that someone is creating an Anadrol themselves. Therefore, the risks with purchasing UGL steroids from unidentified sellers are very high because of the lack of regulatory oversight and non-medical knowledge.

Pharma Anadrol is rare, so the majority of Anadrol that is sold in the market is UGL. Pharma grade is also significantly costlier than UGL due to it being the genuine bargain and less common.

There is a risk of Anadrol being a drug with dangerous ingredients or just being an untrue pill People are cautioned to only be able to trust sources found on this black market who are confirmed (by an individual they can trust).

Shopping on unknown sites without reviews, or putting your faith in someone at the gym, where nobody can guarantee the product, increase the likelihood of being scammed.

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Anadrol Price

Anadrol is a drug that has a price. The average cost for sale on black markets is

  • 100 mg x 50mg pills equals 85 dollars.

It should last about six weeks, and you should take 100 mg per day.

The drug can also last for two 6-week cycles of 50 mg per day.

This information was obtained by an unidentified source. The prices will be naturally greater than this for high-quality pharmaceuticals like Anadrol.

Anadrol Brands

The following Anadrol brands are pharmaceutical quality. These are still in circulation and are available in the dark market.

Be aware that these products aren’t legal to purchase or sell, since they are made in accredited laboratories for medical use only.


Produced by Turkey through Abdi Ibrahim. This product contains 20 50 mg tablets.


It is manufactured in Iran and contains 100 x 50 mg tablets.

Oxymetholone IH

Another Iranian brand, with 100 pills.


Produced through Asia Pharma in Thailand. Boxes are equipped bearing unique identification numbers that can be verified via the official Asia Pharma website to prove authenticity.


Created and distributed through British Dispensay, located in Thailand. They are green pills with the BD logo as well as their snake logo on the opposite sides.

British Dispensay implemented a holographic sticker to stop counterfeit products However, criminals have replicated this method.

Anapolon – Balkan Pharmaceuticals

This is made in Moldova It contains 20-50 mg pills.


Produced through Genepharm from Greece. 20 50mg pills.

Diet on Anadrol

The individual’s diet is especially important for Anadrol in relation to retention of water. Bodybuilders are often reported to have an excessive amount of bloating when using Anadrol when they eat ‘dirty’ foods during the off-season.

The combination of a diet high in sodium diet and the estrogenic properties of Anadrol cause water to “spill” outwards from muscle cells, resulting in an appearance of puffiness. Bloating in the stomach and face are also very common.

To avoid this, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids and consume clean food. If a person consumes greater amounts of water, it prompts that body cells to drain any existing fluids in the body in self-defense.

Junk food (high sodium) not a good idea on anadrol

Consuming unrefined sources of carbohydrate, such as fruits wholewheat pasta, wholewheat oatmeal, rice wholemeal bread is recommended, since refined carbs could increase fluid retention, which can lead to increased blood pressure.

Certain foods that are salty and should not be consumed include salted nuts, bacon sausage anchovies, ham baked beans , and tuna. Fish like salmon and haddock are good alternative to lower salt.

It is also good to reduce the consumption of dairy products because they can be a cause of bloating for some people ( 23).


Does Anadrol suppress your appetite?

Anadrol is a drug that stimulates appetite, which allows users to lose weight quickly. But, if dosages are too high or a individual isn’t responding well to it, it may decrease appetite. This is typically the result of a high level of liver strain.

When the liver is under stress, as a defense mechanism, the body decreases appetite, in an effort to reduce how much food that the organ is required to process. The liver is thus able to reduce its work load.

Can You Make Use of Anadrol to Cut?

Anadrol can be applied to a cut to improve fat burning, aid in retaining the muscle mass and drastically improve the fullness of muscles.

However, it’s not typically used during the cutting phase because of excess water retention. It is possible to diminish muscle definition and lead to the appearance of bloating, which can be aesthetically appealing when you’re trying to lose fat.

Some bodybuilders and men’s physique contestants use Anadrol prior to a performance to increase their muscle mass and get extremely full. This is possible without significant increase in water retention, if one is extremely slim and follows their diet free of contaminants.

Does Anadrol adversely affect Cardio?

In short: yes.

Because of the massive weight gain caused by Anadrol the cardiovascular exercises can become more challenging.

On Anadrol, blood becomes viscous because of a dramatic increase in red blood cells count. As a result, blood flow is restricted, making it more difficult to lose breath.

But, cardiovascular disease shouldn’t be avoided because it can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. This could help reduce some of the negative consequences of the drug Anadrol (including stress in your heart).

Anadrol Vs Dianabol

Anadrol or Dianabol are two steroids with wet properties, both of which are extremely estrogenic, and usually leading to significant water retention during the off-season. They are, in fact, the two most potent steroids to build massive weight quickly.

Anadrol is the stronger one of both, at the doses that are typical for. The gain in weight is likely to be a little higher on Anadrol than Dianabol as well as being true for strength gains. However, the side effects will likely be more severe for Anadrol.

For beginners, it is common to consume Dianabol but they should be wary of Anadrol.

Despite Anadrol being considered to be the most harmful steroid’ Dianabol mg per mg actually is more powerful drug. Common dosages of Dianabol vary from 30 to 50 mg daily. While Anadrol requires a double dosage to produce the same effects (50-100mg).

In conclusion, Dianabol is perhaps the best choice when considering the advantages and disadvantages of every steroids. However, different people react differently to each compound.

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Anadrol Vs Trenbolone

Anadrol as well as Trenbolone are two very distinct steroids that are very different. Both are quick-acting, however, Anadrol 50 is an oral and Trenbolone is injectable. injection-able.

Anadrol can cause significant levels of water retention. Trenbolone is a ” dry‘ drug. So, all the weight gained by tren will be muscles, which makes it the most attractive drug.

Trenbolone is the most effective drug for cutting, because of its superior fat-burning capabilities. Tren can also assist in making people appear more vascular because of its diuretic qualities (less water accumulating between skin and muscle).

Both are extremely harsh steroids that increase blood pressure, reduce testosterone and result in androgenic side effects, and can pose a risk to the liver.

Trenbolone is able to increase liver enzymes, However, this effect is believed to be lower than Anadrol.

Both compounds work effectively when stacked together. But, this combination could create some of the most dangerous side effects that are common to all steroids.

Anadrol vs Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is an large-bulking steroid like Anadrolbut it is a milder compound.

Deca, a steroid that can be injectable drug, while Anadrol is usually available in pill form.

Deca is a long esters drug and is slower-acting. Anadrol is a pounding train in the first few days of the cycle. Therefore, Deca cycles tend to be larger than the Anadrol cycle (usually between 8 and 10 weeks) due to the fact that it takes longer for the effects to start to take effect.

The gains in strength and muscle on Anadrol will be higher compared to Deca Durabolin due to the fact that Anadrol is more powerful and anabolic.

Deca isn’t estrogenic, however, some estrogen-like consequences are possible because of moderate progesterone production. However, the chance of bloating and gynecomastia will be lower on Deca.

The side effects of androgenics will be much less in comparison to Anadrol and Anadrol, so if have acne-prone skin or you are concerned about loss of hair, Deca is the best steroids.

Deca is often mixed with other steroids to witness huge increases in muscle mass however Anadrol is an extremely potent drug on its own.

Anadrol vs Testosterone

Testosterone is generally an injectable steroid. Anadrol 50 can be taken orally.

The two steroids are able to have similar results. Both are effective in adding muscle mass and enhancing strength. However, Anadrol can result in more water retention.

Weight increase will be more evident on Anadrol but the gains in lean muscle mass are comparable (with Anadrol having the edge). Anadrol is the most effective choice for strength-related purposes.

Testosterone is better suited for novices because it is less harmful for the human body. Test-only cycles are better tolerated by novices as opposed to Anadrol.

Both steroids can cause cardiovascular, androgenic, and estrogenic adverse effects. However, they will likely be amplified by a couple of notch with Anadrol.

Anadrol Vs Anavar

Anavar is an additional oral steroids and DHT derivative, similar to Anadrol.

Anavar is mostly used in the cutting cycles because of its fat-burning properties and its dry steroids, without water retention. Anadrol however, is a wet steroids, as a result of it being extremely estrogenic.

Anadrol is a major cause of weight gain, but Anavar will not.

Anavar is a superior fat-burner because it stimulates T3 levels in thyroid.

Anavar can increase lean muscle mass, but not to the degree of Anadrol.

Anavar is an extremely mild drug, when it comes to the negative side effects which is why it is popular with novices and women. In the medical field, Anavar is even prescribed for children and is thought to be “safe”.

Anadrol is much more dangerous than Anavar and can cause more serious side consequences. Particularly with regard the blood pressure and testosterone inhibition and effects on estrogen.

Do I need to take Anadrol Together with Grapefruit Juice?

The study examined whether grapefruit significantly increased the bioavailability and absorption of sexual steroids, including estradiol and progesterone.

It was surprising to find that 200ml of grapefruit juice increased estradiol levels by 117 percent and progesterone by 125 percent within 24 hours of the consumption ( 24).

In a different study, researchers wanted test whether blood pressure medications and alcohol, caused any reactions. To mask the taste of alcohol, they blended it with grapefruit juice.

The researchers concluded that alcohol has no interactions with the medication but grapefruit juice enhanced levels of drug into the bloodstream 5 times..

The research behind the grapefruit juice’s ability to increase the absorption of medication is because it blocks an enzyme that is found in the intestines and liver, called CYP3A4.

The job of CYP3A4 is to eliminate foreign molecules by detecting harmful substances within the body. This reduces the bioavailability of many medications.

It is believed that flavonoids, or furanocoumarins, which are found in grapefruit juice are the ones that block CYP3A4 from working effectively ( 25).

Another study showed that the CYP3A4 inhibitory effect of grapefruit juice was most effective when it was consumed an hour prior to taking the drug ( 26).

Research has proven that grapefruit could produce this effect as long as 24 hours, during which half of its effect persists.

For the best results, for the best results, 250ml of juice from grapefruit ought to be consumed every 12 hours. So, the users don’t have to consume 250ml grapefruit juice each dose, but only to ensure that CYP3A4 continuously active during the course of the day.

This is the reason why many medicines will state on the label don’t drink with grapefruit juice. This is because medication dosage is according to the CYP3A4 enzyme functioning as it should.

In a thread on bodybuilding One person wrote about his experience using grapefruit juice:

This is very intriguing, as I’m in the 2nd month of my Dianabol cycle, and I did not feel any difference initially, but this week, I’ve been drinking a large amount of juice from grapefruit (instead from water) and I’ve had a lot of pumping that I’ve not previously experienced, specifically in my legs.

There haven’t been any studies done on mixing grapefruit juice and oral steroids, but it is possible that this combination could be effective. If users will drink grapefruit juice and oral steroids it is important to be wary of taking too much, since 50mg of Anadrol could actually be 100mg due to the reduction of CYP3A4.

This method could lead to better the results, while also increasing the degree of adverse side negative effects.

If this method succeeds, the price of an oral regimen could actually decrease since users will be able to reduce dosage without reducing their benefits.

Note research has proven it is the consumption of grapefruit can also be effective for blocking CYP3A4.

Can I use Anadrol All the time?

It’s not recommended since Anadrol is among the most harsh steroids you could use. It is likely to result in extreme damages in the heart. It will also reduce endogenous testosterone production dramatically and put immense stress on the liver.

Additionally, there isn’t any advantage to this because gains are likely to slow down because of your body’s adaptation to the steroids. It is not advisable to force your body to require huge dosages of Anadrol to gain more weight as is the case if you choose to blast and cruise with Anadrol.

Testosterone could be the safer steroid to use for blasting and cruising.

I’ve taken 400mg Anadrol and felt nothing, What is the reason why it’s not working?

Do not exceed 100 mg of Anadrol daily (100mg is even a large dose).

Many bodybuilders can confirm Anadrol to be one of the most potent steroids available. It is definitely felt and therefore, the ‘Anadrol’ that you are using most likely is not authentic Oxymetholone.

How can I tell What to do to determine if My Anadrol is Real?

It is easy to order an online test kit. With a variety of tests, you can determine the purity of the drug and its substance. It will let you know whether Anadrol is genuine and how much mg’s are actually present in the pill.

These tests are typically cheap and are definitely worth it.

Can Anadrol shrink My Testicles?

There’s a high possibility that the testicles of a man are going to shrink in size, indicating lower the number of sperm.

This is a result of the lower the endogenous testosterone production. This can be very extreme, which is the reason why a strong PCT protocol is necessary to rapidly bring back normal levels of test results and the number of sperm. After a few months of using Anadrol or any other steroids, your testicles will return the size they were before.

What will Anadrol do on an Alcohol Test?

This is contingent on the test type.

For instance, if a person is in the police force or army, they’re usually examined for other substances like amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana. So, generally speaking, steroids won’t cause a test to fail. That’s why Ronnie Coleman was able to be a policeman and not face any issues.

However, if you suspect that you’re taking steroids due to you being open about it there is a possibility to request an steroid test just for you to be taken. Even though, snarky talk about the use of steroids in such settings isn’t typical, because most people don’t want to be caught.

If you’re an athlete in a natural event that conducts random tests and testing, they are definitely conducting tests for Anadrol and various anabolic steroids. So, since you don’t know the exact date for the test and the time of the test, you are likely to are going to fail the test.

If there is a specific date for an exam, you may be successful by completing it on Anadrol at least two months prior to.

Anadrol’s detection duration is two months. Therefore, from the last dose up to the time you take it the trace amounts are still present, which could result in an ineffective test. If a person takes a lot of time and stops taking it 2.5 months prior to a test, they’ll be fine.

Note Note: If the individual has used any other steroid prior to, or in conjunction with Anadrol, they’ll need to determine the detection time of these as well.

Anadrol vs Superdrol

Superdrol is a highly potent oral steroids. A lot of people describe it as “oral Trenbolone’.

Superdrol, just like Anadrol is a steroid derived from DHT (despite being mislabeled as a prohormone as early as the early 2000’s before making it illegal).

Superdrol has the most potent steroids mg per mg. As an example an extremely high dose of Superdrol can be as high as 30mg and a large dose of Anadrol will require more than three times the quantity (100mg).

As for weight growth, Superdrol users will gain about 10lbs of lean muscle mass in the course of a brief four-week cycle. Comparatively, Anadrol will produce roughly 30 percent greater lean muscles (in the majority of users) after the water has been flushed away after the cycle.

Both steroids are fantastic for strength, and powerlifters are famous for their use of both compounds.

One bodybuilder even suffered an injury to his back due to the power gains that Superdrol provides, when he was doing heavy tricep pushdowns at the gym. The result was that he was admitted to hospital and required emergency surgical intervention ( 27).

The major distinction in Superdrol as opposed to Anadrol lies in the fact that Superdrol does not trigger estrogenic negative side consequences. So Superdrol can be described as a dry-type steroid that doesn’t cause water retention or Gynecomastia. This is the opposite of Anadrol which has wet characteristics.

Certain bodybuilders cut with Superdrol as it’s a stunning steroids, which causes zero water retention.