Advice on enjoying fitness inside, outside or online, plus details of activities in March and Wisbech

Here’s the fortnightly Get Active column, by Fenland District Council physical activity co-ordinator Hettie West…

Everyone knows the saying, ‘New Year, New Me’, and it’s true that the new year is a great time to try out new things, but this doesn’t call for a complete self-reinvention.

Small changes to daily life all add up to help you achieve great things. One small change might be taking up a new form of physical activity- making a pledge to move a little more in 2023.

You are never too young to exercise.
You are never too young to exercise.

This can be a brisk 10-minute walk each day to trying to achieve that 150-minutes of weekly physical activity guideline – try walking to the corner shop instead of driving or cycling to work instead of taking the bus.

Our range of yoga sessions may be a great way to try a new activity or restart one you used to love.

We have two weekly yoga sessions in both March and Wisbech, which include sessions suitable for beginners, intermediates or those requiring a gentler session.

For those looking to improve or maintain flexibility, strength, balance and mobility through a chair-based class, our strength and balance, or Pre-Ffit classes in Wisbech would be perfect for you. All session days and times can be found on the Active Fenland timetable on our website.

We also have a range of badminton sessions held at the Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech for beginners, or intermediates (including a ladies-only class).

How about joining one of our Ramblers Wellbeing Walks? These are regular walks aimed at simply getting together to walk, chat and take an hour out of your day to do something nice. We have a walk set up in Wisbech, setting off from the Bandstand in the park every Friday at 10am, and we have a new walk starting in March from the New Year, which will be talked about in an

upcoming article.

If you would be interested in any of these sessions, please fill out the booking form on the Active Fenland website (except for badminton: turn up and pay on the day, and the walks) or contact [email protected] for more information.


The Active Fenland YouTube is also always available with plenty of free HIIT, bootcamp and yoga follow-along videos to take part in from the comfort of your home.

With 40 sessions of yoga to progress through, the ‘Preparing for Yoga’ is a good one to start with, especially for beginners.

We are also taking part in the Healthy You virtual festival this year, which will see lots of online FREE opportunities provided for the entire month of January. Please get in touch, or follow us on Facebook to find out more about this. If a more intense workout is desired, the HIIT sessions are sure to get your heart racing, and due to the style of HIIT training, the sessions are only 12 minutes long but are just as effective as a longer, less intense form of training.

Please ensure a full warm up is undertaken before participating in these videos as well as a cool down afterwards. With any of the online videos, please ensure the workout area and any equipment is safe, hazard-free, and the activity is suitable for you.