6 Mistakes That Beginners Make When Bodybuilding For The First Time

Entering a gym as a doe-faced fitness enthusiast can be a daunting experience.

Looking at all the hench guys at the gym, lugging heavy weights around, will naturally leave you feeling a tad overwhelmed, which, in turn, will lead you to work out from a place of insecurity and fear.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your body be.With patience, consistency, and discipline, the pursuit of bodybuilding can truly help unlock your full potential.

But, for that, you need to ensure you’re not making the following mistakes as mentioned by Redditor u/GainzBra:


1. Being Unsure Of Your Goals

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“What is your end-game? Do you want to have a 2,000-pound powerlifting total or would a case full of bodybuilding trophies suit you better? Maybe you’re like me: content to be a little more muscular than average but no aspiration to compete in any way. It’s important to decide what you’re seeking to accomplish and evaluate your motivating factors toward that end before you begin.

Nothing says you can’t change your game as time goes on, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time by deciding what you want to be before you begin instead of figuring it out as you go. Once you have mapped your course, don’t let outside opinions or criticism alter it. Stay in your lane and stay focused on the version of yourself you want to become.”

2. Not Researching Training Methods Based On Your Goals

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“There’s something exciting about creating your own workout plan and experiencing the gains that come with that, but until you get some experience under your belt you should defer to the methods and programming of those who have succeeded before you.

Find someone who is reputable in the weightlifting sub-genre you’ve chosen, whether it’s a public figure or that jacked old dude at your gym, and try to base your workout off of what has worked for them. If something suggested isn’t for you, try an easier alternative until you can master the move. The longer you’re in the gym the easier it will be to discern what is working for you and what isn’t, at which point you’ll be savvy enough to improvise.”

3. Having An Inflated Ego

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“The thing that pains me the most with young lifters is their desire to prove themselves stronger than their peers. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Everyone wants to be strong like Dan Green and look like Bradley Martyn but rounding your back on a 4-plate deadlift or bouncing 315 pounds off your chest is not the way to get there. It’s important to know what your body is capable of and even more important to heed its warnings. Good form should always take precedence over moving obscene amounts of weight.

The minute your ego determines the way you train is the minute you book your ticket to snap city. It may not happen immediately but bad form will ALWAYS catch up with you. An injured lifter is a weak lifter, so above all else PLEASE prioritize your health and longevity over your desire to be your town’s next Arnold. If you keep your form tight remain consistent, the gainz you want WILL come in due time.”

4. Not Asking For Help:

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“As a beginner, you shouldn’t go out and hire a bodybuilding coach, but it’s important to find someone at your gym who knows the ropes and to ask them for input on your training. The biggest gains come with the smallest tweaks to your training movements. For example, having your hands in the right position on the bar can make a HUGE difference on your max bench press, and perfecting your mind-muscle connection will greatly affect the way you pack on muscle.

Seek someone whose input you can trust to help you perfect your form with your specific goals in mind. You’ll probably want to take this advice from someone in your field who has the sick mass or mad strength you’re trying to achieve”

5. Having Improper Dieting Practices:

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“Okay, this one may be way obvious but it wasn’t to me so it had to make the list. You have to eat for the body you want. You can’t be a strongman if you’re worried about having shredded abs. Unless you’re some sort of genetic freak, eating like a strongman won’t result in a stage-ready body.

Do some research and set a calorie goal and a protein/fat/carb ratio that fits with your plan. This will be a good general template for how you need to eat each day to achieve the goal you want. On the other hand though, food is good. Food is awesome. Food is central to socialization in American culture so there will always be days when your diet plan goes out the window. Unless you’re in the middle of a contest prep these days won’t ruin you so don’t get down about it. Wake up the next morning refocused and get back after it.”

6. Chasing Fancy Supplements:

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“It’s important to view supplements for what they are. Supplements. They’re intended to supplement a balanced diet. No supplement you can buy will replace the nutrients your body needs from food. Also, you don’t need every shiny label the pushy sales rep wants you to buy.

Again, the supplements you choose will largely depend on what your goals are but generally speaking you can get by with the basics. Lean whey protein and a creatine made with creapure. If you want to spend the money on a pre-workout supplement then go for it, but lock down your protein and creatine first as these will have a greater effect on your gains.”

Don’t be scared to followyour bodybuilding dreams. Just ensure you avoid the mistakes mentioned above!