6 Best Exercises To Accelerate Your Weight Loss

If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, you’ll have to exercise for it. That means including high-intensity workouts, strength training, and cardio, in your routine, all of which can be done at home with little or no equipment.

Here are six exercises that will help get your body into shape fast:

Best Exercises To Accelerate Weight Loss

1. Burpees

Burpees are a full-body exercise that can be done anywhere and by anyone. They not only train your heart, lungs, and muscles but also improve flexibility and balance. The beauty of this exercise lies in its simplicity. All you have to do is:

  • Squat down.
  • Kick your legs back while doing a push-up.
  • Jump up with both feet together, and clap your hands overhead before returning to your starting position.
  • Repeat as many times as desired!

2. Mountain Climbers

This is a great exercise for the lower body, abs, and shoulders. It also works out your core. To do mountain climbers:

  • Get into a pushup position with your feet together and hands at shoulder level.
  • Raise one leg off the floor and bring it towards your chest while bending that knee.
  • Return to starting position and repeat with the opposite leg (your right foot is up now).
  • Continue alternating legs until you have completed 10 reps (five on each side).

3. Lying Leg Raise

This exercise works out your core, glutes, and hamstrings (the muscles in the back of your thighs), making them stronger, so you have more power when running or playing sports like soccer or basketball. The increased strength will also help prevent injuries from overuse or bad form during those activities. Here’s how to do them:

  • Lie on your back with a dumbbell or weight plate across your upper chest.
  • Raise both legs straight up, one at a time.
  • Hold for one second at the top of each rep, then lower slowly to starting position.
  • You can do this exercise with no equipment as well! Simply lying on the floor and raising each leg off the ground counts as one rep. Do it slowly for maximum results!
  • Perform 3 sets of 10 reps twice per week for best results.
Leg raises are great at burning fat and building a strong core! (Image via pexels/Ketut Subiyanto)
Leg raises are great at burning fat and building a strong core! (Image via pexels/Ketut Subiyanto)

4. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. Jumping rope also burns more calories than running at the same speed, due to the increased frequency of foot contact with the floor. This means that with each jump, you’re using more muscle fiber and burning more fat than in other cardio workouts like walking or jogging!

You can follow these steps to perform this exercise:

  • Start off slow by doing 10-20 seconds at a time.
  • Once you have mastered this level, add more time and speed until you can do one-minute-long sets without stopping.

There are many different types of rope (speed ropes vs weighted ropes), so choose one based on your fitness goals and budget. If free weights aren’t an option for you, no worries! You can still get an amazing workout from jumping rope by focusing on proper form instead of adding heavy weights to the mix. In order to jump higher during these exercises, try placing both feet closer together when landing after each jump. You’ll have to make sure that both ankles are straightened out before taking off again too.

When applying these exercises to your routine, try doing them three days per week with rest days in between workouts so as not to overdo them too much right away. Otherwise, you may risk injury due to fatigue.

Jumping rope is a great way to lose belly fat! (Image via unsplash/Element5 Digital)
Jumping rope is a great way to lose belly fat! (Image via unsplash/Element5 Digital)

5. Russian Twist

If you want to burn calories and tone your midsection, you should try the Russian twist. Check out the steps involved in this exercise:

  • This exercise is performed by sitting on a mat or ground with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • You then rotate your torso from side to side while holding a medicine ball in front of your chest, with arms straight up above your head.
  • This exercise can also be done using dumbbells instead of medicine balls.

The number of repetitions recommended for this exercise varies depending on what fitness level you’re at. However, it’s best to start off slow before increasing the number of repetitions so that you don’t injure yourself or cause unnecessary strain on your muscles during this workout regimen.

Additionally, it is important to hold each repetition for 10-20 seconds if possible, until fatigue sets in as this will ensure maximum benefit from each rep while preventing injury as well!

WEIGHTED CRUNCHESWeighted crunches are one of the most effective abs exercises you can perform in your workout routine. Crunches are a bodyweight exercise that uses a smaller range of motion than a sit-up.marcypro.com/strength/weigh… https://t.co/JlGSB2F5pD

6. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a classic exercise that can help you burn fat and build muscle. It works the glutes, hamstrings, and core. This total body workout is easy to do at home or at the gym. Do it in the morning when you’ve got extra energy to burn!

Here’s how to do this workout:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding one kettlebell at arm’s length between your legs with both hands on either side of the handle.
  • Hinge forward from your hips as if sitting down in a chair.
  • Thrust and swing forward with your hips before performing another rep by returning to the start position as quickly as possible with control and without swinging momentum.
  • Repeat 15 times for maximum benefits.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the 6 best exercises to accelerate your weight loss. We think everyone can benefit from a little bit of exercise, but it’s especially important if you want to lose weight. Try these exercises–it’s a guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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