5 Best Outdoor Pull-up Bars For Building A Strong Upper Body

Outdoor pull-up bars serve two purposes at once. First, it helps you perform a wide range of calisthenic movements like pull-ups, muscleups, and chin-ups. The outdoor component exposes you to fresh air and also helps you soak up Vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, optimal testosterone levels, lung health, and absorption of various essential minerals.

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises to build a muscular, strong upper body. If you’re working out at home or in a park, you simply cannot afford to miss out on this time-tested back builder. In this article, we will review the top five outdoor pull-up bars.

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Best Outdoor Pull-up Bars

Here’s a look at the top five exercises:

1) Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

Stamina Power Tower With Outdoor Pull-Up Bar (Image via staminaproducts.com)
Stamina Power Tower With Outdoor Pull-Up Bar (Image via staminaproducts.com)

Overall, the Stamina Outdoor Power Tower is one of the best outdoor pull-up bars available. This water-resistant, corrosion-resistant product has been specially engineered to withstand outdoor elements.

It has a solid stainless steel frame construction that allows you to perform push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and hanging leg raises. It has a compact, aesthetically pleasing design that can merge perfectly with the outdoor environment.

You can easily assemble and disassemble the product as per your requirements. It also comes with app connectivity and anti-theft hardware and can be bolted to the ground if needed. However, there’s no padding on either arm support.

Price: $649.99

2) Khanh Trinh Foldable Power Tower

If you’re looking for foldable, multipurpose outdoor pull-up bars, this product is an excellent choice. Some of its key features include:

  • The 100.4″ tall power tower makes sure your toes don’t touch the ground.
  • Sturdy product with excellent weight-bearing capacity (upto 440 lbs).
  • Easily portable, weighs 29 kgs.
  • Adjustable height
  • Made of high strength alloy steel

You can perform a wide range of exercises on this pull-up bar, including pull-ups, chin-ups, knee and leg raises, and other calisthenic movements. You can add rings to help you perform dips and push-ups.

Price: $345

3) GoBeast Pull-up Bar and Portable Power Tower

GoBeast Pull-Up Bar (Image via Amazon)
GoBeast Pull-Up Bar (Image via Amazon)

This amazing piece of equipment can help you perform more than 35 exercises, including pull-ups, decline push-ups, and inverted rows.

It can also be used as a dip station and can handle a load of 150 kg (300 lbs). It’s a highly portable product that can be dismantled in just two minutes. The entire station can be packed into a shoulder bag, which comes free with purchase.

Its weatherproof oil-based paint finish makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Price: $265.14

4) Rogue MIL Pull-Up Station

Rogue MIL Pull-Up Station (Image via Instagram@roguefitness)
Rogue MIL Pull-Up Station (Image via [email protected])

This pull-up station has been built to the required specifications of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The 2×3” 11-gauge steel construction and 93″ height makes it one of the best outdoor pull-up bars in the market.

It utlizes a single pull-up bar of 1.25” diameter, 62” length and adjustable height from 86” to 90”. It does not come with J-cup mounting holes, and therefore cannot be used as a squat rack.

Price: $525

5) Portable Pull Up & Dip Bar by PULLUP & DIP

Most outdoor pull-up bars can rarely be attached securely to trees or posts in your backyard. Made in Germany, this product can comfortably hold up to 150 kg of bodyweight.

You can perform close to 35 calisthenics, freeletics and other bodyweight movements. It also comes with the option to add gymnastic rings or resistance bands. You can easily install this portable product yourself without additional assistance. This pull-up station also comes with rotatable locking pins that prevent the side arm from displacing even while making jerky movements.

Price: $296.62


All the aforementioned outdoor pull-up bars are made of high quality, premium materials designed for safety and comfort. These pull-up towers can help you perform a variety of bodyweight and calisthenic exercises, which can help you build a muscular, ripped physique.