5 Best At-Home Ab Exercises to Tighten Your Core 

If you want to tighten your core and work on your posture at the same time, practicing some at-home ab exercises can definitely help.

A strong core not only gives you a tough look but also makes everyday tasks and movements easier and painless. Regular practice of certain core exercises can boost posture, improve balance and stability, and also reduce chances of spinal injury and pain.

So, are you ready to sculpt your mid-section in the comfort of your living room? Try the following at-home ab exercises to make your core super-solid. Pick a few from the list, and mix and match to create an effective abs workout circuit.

At-home ab exercises to tighten core muscles

Here are five killer ab exercises to practice at home:

1) Deadbug

Deadbug is an effective core-strengthening exercise. (Photo via Instagram/_fisiobalance)
Deadbug is an effective core-strengthening exercise. (Photo via Instagram/_fisiobalance)

Deadbug is one of the best at-home ab exercises to stabilize and strengthen the core. Not only is this effective and safe exercise good for the core, but it also targets the back and spine, improving posture and alleviating lower back pain.

To do a deadbug:

Lie on your back on a mat, with your knees bent and arms extended straight up towards the sky. Lift your knees to a 90-degree angle, and make sure that your shins are parallel to the floor.

Engage your abs, and press your lower back onto the floor. Lower your right arm and left leg at the same time, and bring them back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with your opposite arm and leg, and continue for a few more reps.

2) Flutter kick

Flutter kicks are one of the best at-home ab exercises that can help tighten the core muscles and tummy, and strengthen the hip flexors too. Moreover, it targets the lower back and quad and promotes cardiovascular health by enhancing heart rate.

To do a flutter kick:

Lie on your back with your legs raised and hands by your sides. Press your lower back onto the floor; engage your abs, and lower your legs while keeping your back stable on the floor.

Start making small kicks up and down with your legs, and continue the exercise for a few more reps. The key to getting the most out of the exercise is to keep your lower back pressed on the floor and initiate the movement with only the legs.

3) Hip lift

Hip lifts tighten loose tummy muscles. (Photo via Pexels/Andres Ayrton)
Hip lifts tighten loose tummy muscles. (Photo via Pexels/Andres Ayrton)

Hip lifts, also known as reverse crunch or reverse press up, are one of the most useful at-home ab exercises that target the major abdominal muscles and deep abs too.

This is a great abs workout for beginners and is also ideal for people with back pain, as it’s less stressful than other core exercises like crunches. Hip lifts also help tighten loose tummy muscles and tone the midsection.

To do a hip lift:

Lie on your back on a flat surface, and lift your legs till they get perpendicular to your torso. Engaging your abs, contract your navel, and lift your hips as high as you can without lifting your upper back.

Slowly lower your hips back to their starting position, and repeat the move. Keep your hands alongside your torso throughout the exercise. Continue for a few reps. To make the exercise more challenging, complete each rep without letting the hips touch the floor.

4) Hollow body hold

One of the most effective at-home ab exercises, the hollow body hold strengthens the core and stabilizes the lower back while also preventing back injuries and easing pain. This exercise also targets the glutes and hip flexors and helps keep the spine healthy.

To do a hollow body hold:

Lie straight on your back with your knees bent and hands by the sides. Lift your knees till they get above your hips, and crunch up while bringing your shoulders off the ground.

Move your chin towards your chest, and lengthen your arms towards your legs with your thumb facing up. Hold the position for a few seconds, and release. Repeat the exercise.

5) Plank

Planks are a great ab strengthening exercise. (Photo via Pexels/Miriam Alonso)
Planks are a great ab strengthening exercise. (Photo via Pexels/Miriam Alonso)

Plank is one of the most foundational at-home ab exercises that should definitely be added to your workout routine. It improves posture, makes the spine healthy, and also boosts overall body alignment.

To do a plank:

Assume a tabletop position with your legs extended behind. Push yourself up onto your toes and forearms, and ensure that the shoulders are away from your ears. Engage the glutes and abs, and keep your spine, neck, and hips in a straight line. Hold the position for as long as you can before releasing. Repeat for a few more sets.


Aim to do the aforementioned at-home ab exercises three times a week to strengthen and stabilize the core muscles. Do not overdo these moves, as that may lead to lower back issues. Be mindful of your form and posture, and ensure that the movements are under control to prevent spinal misalignment and injuries.

Practice these core workouts at home consistently for a few weeks to see improvements in your core strength and posture.

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