1000-lb. Best Friends fans support Ashley as she goes to therapy and talks about her father’s death

TLC aired 1000-lb. Best Friends season 2 episode 2, titled The Weigh-In Is the Hardest Part, on Wednesday, January 11 at 10 pm ET.

In the episode, Ashley discovered that she weighed the most in her friend circle, almost 375 pounds, and wanted to reach her goal weight of 348 pounds in order to be approved for gastric bypass surgery. Ashley had weight loss surgery in 2014 and lost 65 pounds back then, but failed to maintain her weight and gained all of it back.

Despite being in a lot of pain, she went to the gym and did not give up on an ab exercise machine. Her friend Vanessa encouraged her to go to therapy to get help for some unresolved issues which were causing hindrances in her weight loss program.

Ashley decided to go to the therapist but was afraid of what would be revealed about her. She told her therapist about her medical history and how her father passed away due to renal failure. She further explained that she was the one who asked the doctor to give her father, also overweight, a shot in the leg instead of an MRI.

Ashley felt that an MRI could have saved his life and blamed everyone for her father’s death. She also stated that she was the one who called an ambulance after her father did not respond to her. Ashley believes her father’s death was caused by his obesity and diabetes. She confessed that she had no self-control when it came to food and would eat a lot of snacks thinking about her father.

1000-lb. Best Friends fans got emotional after listening to Ashley’s story and flooded Twitter with tweets in her support.

1000-lb. Best Friends fans hope that Ashley reaches her dream goal

Ashley’s therapist asked her to write her father an uncensored letter, which would not be read by anyone so that she could properly tap into her emotions. 1000-lb. Best Friends fans supported Ashley in her weight loss treatment and hoped she could get gastric surgery.

Ashely has a weird history with food when it comes to her father’s death! Dr. Connie’s therapeutic letter is something she should consider! #1000lbBestFriends

Ashely is showing her vulnerability while getting emotional in opening up about her father’s passing! #1000lbBestFriends

Ashley be complaint but she really tried I be so proud of her she wants the best for herself #1000lbBestFriends

Tbh i hope Ashley loses i like her maybe she needs a way to work stuff out #1000LBBestFriends

What happened on 1000-lb. Best Friends season 2 episode 2?

TLC’s description of the episode reads,

“Though anxious, Meghan thinks she’s ready to confront Dr. Procter, but a meltdown in his office says otherwise. Ashely, now the biggest of the girls, uncovers some insight at a therapy session that may help her start losing weight.”

This week on 1000-lb. Best Friends, Meghan fought with her friends and refused to step on the weighing machine. She stormed out of the room and soon returned, while Meghan decided to weigh herself and found that she had gained 12 pounds.

Meghan previously fought with her doctor and did not make any follow-up visitations after her weight loss surgery. After her friend insisted, she finally went to the doctor and was asked if she had followed her treatment plans. When Meghan replied no, the doctor smiled and laughed as she tried to pin all the blame on him.

Meghan stormed out of the clinic, claiming that the doctor did not know how she felt. She also slammed the doctor for laughing while she was “pouring her heart out.”

TLC airs fresh episodes of 1000-lb. Best Friends every Wednesday at 10 pm ET.

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